1dof_velcommander Namespace Reference


tuple initService = rospy.ServiceProxy('/mockarm_controller/init', Trigger)
tuple resp = initService()
tuple v = JointVelocities()
tuple velPublisher = rospy.Publisher('/mockarm_controller/command_vel', JointVelocities)
tuple vv = JointValue()

Variable Documentation

tuple 1dof_velcommander::initService = rospy.ServiceProxy('/mockarm_controller/init', Trigger)

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tuple 1dof_velcommander::resp = initService()

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tuple 1dof_velcommander::v = JointVelocities()

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tuple 1dof_velcommander::velPublisher = rospy.Publisher('/mockarm_controller/command_vel', JointVelocities)

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tuple 1dof_velcommander::vv = JointValue()

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