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namespace  hrl_lib::util


def hrl_lib::util._choose_without_replacement
def hrl_lib::util.approx_equal
def hrl_lib::util.bound
 Bound the value of a number to be above lower, and lower than upper.
def hrl_lib::util.cart_of_pol
def hrl_lib::util.cartesian_product
 cartesian product of list of lists.
def hrl_lib::util.choose_without_replacement
 choose n elements from list without replacement.
def hrl_lib::util.formatted_time
 returns current time as a string: year|month|date_hours|min|sec.
def hrl_lib::util.get_bash_command_output
 execute a bash command and get its output as a list of strings.
def hrl_lib::util.get_keystroke
 raw_input + matplotlib + ROS == strangeness.
def hrl_lib::util.getTime
 Returns a string that can be used as a timestamp (hours and minutes) in logfiles.
def hrl_lib::util.list_mat_to_mat
 Converts a list of numpy matrices to one large matrix.
def hrl_lib::util.load_pickle
 read a pickle and return the object.
def hrl_lib::util.matrixrank
 compute rank of a matrix.
def hrl_lib::util.norm
 Calculate L2 norm for column vectors in a matrix.
def hrl_lib::util.pol_of_cart
def hrl_lib::util.quat_angle
def hrl_lib::util.save_pickle
 Pickle an object.
def hrl_lib::util.say
 use festival text to speech to make a soud.
def hrl_lib::util.standard_rad
def hrl_lib::util.unipolar_limit
def hrl_lib::util.unwrap_np_array
 convert hrl's ros wrapped numpy array to a numpy array
def hrl_lib::util.weighted_avg_and_std
 Returns the weighted average and standard deviation.
def hrl_lib::util.wrap_np_array
 wraps a numpy array into hrl's datatype for sending np arrays over ros.

Author(s): Cressel Anderson, Travis Deyle, Advait Jain, Hai Nguyen, Advisor: Prof. Charlie Kemp, Lab: Healthcare Robotics Lab at Georgia Tech
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