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hai_sandbox::test10 Namespace Reference


def np_to_pointcloud


tuple contact_pub = rospy.Publisher('contact_cloud', sm.PointCloud)
tuple left_con_pc = np_to_pointcloud(left_contact, 'base_footprint')
tuple left_contact = np.column_stack(left_contact)
list pname = sys.argv[1]
tuple r = rospy.Rate(10)
tuple right_con_pc = np_to_pointcloud(right_contact, 'base_footprint')
tuple right_contact = np.column_stack(right_contact)
tuple scene_pc = np_to_pointcloud(scene, 'base_footprint')
tuple touchll_pub = rospy.Publisher('touch_ll', sm.PointCloud)
tuple touchlr_pub = rospy.Publisher('touch_lr', sm.PointCloud)

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def hai_sandbox.test10.np_to_pointcloud (   points_mat,

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tuple hai_sandbox::test10::contact_pub = rospy.Publisher('contact_cloud', sm.PointCloud)

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tuple hai_sandbox::test10::r = rospy.Rate(10)

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tuple hai_sandbox::test10::scene_pc = np_to_pointcloud(scene, 'base_footprint')

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tuple hai_sandbox::test10::touchll_pub = rospy.Publisher('touch_ll', sm.PointCloud)

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tuple hai_sandbox::test10::touchlr_pub = rospy.Publisher('touch_lr', sm.PointCloud)

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