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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
cpuwatch.hpp [code]Platform switcher for the cpu watch interface
lib/cpuwatch_rt.cpp [code]Posix rt-timer implementation of the cpuwatch class
test/cpuwatch_rt.cpp [code]Unit Test for the CpuWatch class
cpuwatch_rt.hpp [code]This class measures cpu time for a process
duration.hpp [code]Cross-platform header inclusions for the duration typedefs
examples/sleep.cpp [code]Demos the sleep functions
test/sleep.cpp [code]Unit Test for the sleepers
sleep.hpp [code]Cross-platform header inclusions for the sleep class
sleep_pos.cpp [code]Posix rt-timer implementation of the sleep classes
sleep_pos.hpp [code]Interface for the sleep classes utilising posix timers
snooze.cpp [code]Unit Test for the snoozer
snooze.hpp [code]Implements periodic loop timing via absolute time lookups
snooze_pos.cpp [code]Implementation of periodic timers
snooze_pos.hpp [code]Periodic loop timers via the rt library
lib/stopwatch.cpp [code]Posix rt-timer implementation of the stopwatch class
test/stopwatch.cpp [code]Unit Test for the StopWatch class
stopwatch.hpp [code]Cross-platform header inclusions for the stopwatch class
time.hpp [code]Various classes for timing activities
lib/time_data.cpp [code]Implementation of the time data interface
test/time_data.cpp [code]
time_data.hpp [code]Device for conveniently storing and analysing benchmarking times
timestamp.cpp [code]Unit Test for timestamp objects
timestamp.hpp [code]Cross-platform header inclusions for the timestamp class
timestamp_base.cpp [code]Implementation of the common cross-functionality in timestamp
timestamp_base.hpp [code]Base class with common functionality across platforms for timestamps
timestamp_pos.cpp [code]Posix rt-timer implementation of the timestamp class
timestamp_pos.hpp [code]Interfaces for the posix/rt timers
timestamp_win.cpp [code]Windows implementation of the timestamp class
timestamp_win.hpp [code]Interfaces for the time_stamp class utilising win timers

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