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ecl::if_c< Condition, T1, T2 > Struct Template Reference

The metaprogramming equivalent of the 'if' function. More...

#include <if.hpp>

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typedef T1 type

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template<bool Condition, typename T1, typename T2>
struct ecl::if_c< Condition, T1, T2 >

The metaprogramming equivalent of the 'if' function.

This defines a compile time metafunctional version of the 'if' function. It configures the default response (that for when the boolean condition is true). The alternative (false) is configured in a specialisation.

Template Parameters:
Condition: the logical condition to test.
T1: the return type if true.
T2: the return type if false.
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template<bool Condition, typename T1 , typename T2 >
typedef T1 ecl::if_c< Condition, T1, T2 >::type

Definition at line 36 of file if.hpp.

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