ecl::enable_if< Condition, T > Struct Template Reference

Enables the SFINAE concept. More...

#include <enable_if.hpp>

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template<class Condition, class T = void>
struct ecl::enable_if< Condition, T >

Enables the SFINAE concept.

This is the same as the boost and future C++0x implementations. Use this to do things like helping to instantiate families of specialisations. For example:

#include <ecl/type_traits/fundamental_types.hpp> // for is_float

// This will instantiate if it is anything except float or double.
template <typename T, typename Enable = void>
class TestObject {
    bool isFloatSpecialisation() { return false; }

// This specialisation will instantiate it T is float or double.
template <typename T>
class TestObject< T, typename enable_if< is_float<T> >::type > {
    bool isFloatSpecialisation() { return true; }

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