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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
character_buffer.cpp [code]Implementation for device buffers
character_buffer.hpp [code]A generic buffer for devices
console.cpp [code]Standard input-output device implementation
console.hpp [code]Configures ecl devices for standard output/input
devices.hpp [code]Input/output devices
error_handler_pos.cpp [code]Implements simple error handling for posix devices
error_handler_pos.hpp [code]Defines error handlers for posix devices
exception_handler_pos.cpp [code]Implements exception handling for posix devices
exception_handler_pos.hpp [code]Defines exception handlers for posix devices
files.cpp [code]Unit Test for the file devices
modes.hpp [code]Device modes
ofile.hpp [code]Synchronous and asynchronous file io
ofile_pos.cpp [code]Posix synchronous file implementation
ofile_pos.hpp [code]Posix interface for synchronous file io
serial.hpp [code]Serial (RS232) interfaces
serial_parameters.hpp [code]Cross-platform abstractions for the serial class
serial_pos.cpp [code]Posix implementation for serial ports
serial_pos.hpp [code]Posix interface for serial (RS232) devices
serial_timeouts.cpp [code]File comment
serial_w32.cpp [code]Win32 implementation for serial ports
serial_w32.hpp [code]Win32 interface for serial (RS232) devices
shared_file.hpp [code]Output file specially suited for logging across threads
shared_file_pos.cpp [code]Posix shared file implementation
shared_file_pos.hpp [code]Output file specially suited for logging across threads
shared_files.cpp [code]Unit Test for shared files
socket.hpp [code]Cross platform server tcp/ip socket header
socket_client_pos.cpp [code]Posix implementation for tcp/ip clients
socket_client_pos.hpp [code]Posix interface for a simple tcp/ip client
socket_connection_status.hpp [code]Various connection status flags
socket_error_handler_pos.cpp [code]Implements simple error handling for posix sockets
socket_error_handler_pos.hpp [code]Defines error handlers for posix sockets
socket_exception_handler_pos.cpp [code]Implements exception handling for posix sockets
socket_exception_handler_pos.hpp [code]Defines exception handlers for posix sockets
socket_server_pos.cpp [code]Posix implementation for tcp/ip servers
socket_server_pos.hpp [code]Posix interface for a simple tcp/ip server
string.cpp [code]Implementation of a virtual string device
string.hpp [code]A virtual string device
traits.hpp [code]Traits for devices

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