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class  DummyClass
class  DummyTask


def check_lower_bound
def check_upper_bound
def dummy_diagnostic


tuple bounds = diagnostic_updater.CompositeDiagnosticTask("Bound check")
tuple dc = DummyClass()
dictionary freq_bounds = {'min':0.5, 'max':2}
tuple lower
tuple msg = std_msgs.msg.Bool()
tuple pub1 = rospy.Publisher("topic1", std_msgs.msg.Bool)
tuple pub1_freq
tuple pub2_temp = rospy.Publisher("topic2", std_msgs.msg.Bool)
int time_to_launch = 0
tuple updater = diagnostic_updater.Updater()
tuple upper

Function Documentation

def example.check_lower_bound (   stat)

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def example.check_upper_bound (   stat)

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def example.dummy_diagnostic (   stat)

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Variable Documentation

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dictionary example::freq_bounds = {'min':0.5, 'max':2}

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Initial value:
00001 diagnostic_updater.FunctionDiagnosticTask("Lower-bound check",
00002         check_lower_bound)

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tuple example::msg = std_msgs.msg.Bool()

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tuple example::pub1 = rospy.Publisher("topic1", std_msgs.msg.Bool)

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Initial value:
00001 diagnostic_updater.HeaderlessTopicDiagnostic("topic1", updater,
00002         diagnostic_updater.FrequencyStatusParam(freq_bounds, 0.1, 10))

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tuple example::pub2_temp = rospy.Publisher("topic2", std_msgs.msg.Bool)

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Initial value:
00001 diagnostic_updater.FunctionDiagnosticTask("Upper-bound check",
00002         check_upper_bound)

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