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cyberglove: Cyberglove ROS interface

This is a generic ROS interface to the Cyberglove from Immersion. It reads data from the Cyberglove, calibrate them and streams them to two different /joint_states topic: calibrated and raw data.

cyberglove is a generic ROS interface to Immersion's Cyberglove dataglove. It reads the data from the Cyberglove, calibrate them using a calibration file and stream them to 2 different /joint_states topics: one for the raw data the other one for the calibrated data. There's a utility in sr_control_gui which can be used to generate a calibration file for a specific user in a few steps.

If the button on the wrist is off, the glove won't publish any data.

The calibration file can't be dynamically loaded for the time being, so if you change the calibration then don't forget to restart the cyberglove node.

How To Use

To run the cyberglove node, just run:

roslaunch cyberglove cyberglove.launch 

You can specify some parameters in the launch file:


Author(s): Ugo Cupcic
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