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collada_urdf::mathextra Namespace Reference


template<class T >
bool _QLAlgorithm3 (T *m_aafEntry, T *afDiag, T *afSubDiag)
int CubicRoots (double c0, double c1, double c2, double *r0, double *r1, double *r2)
void EigenSymmetric3 (const double *fmat, double *afEigenvalue, double *fevecs)
bool QLAlgorithm3 (float *m_aafEntry, float *afDiag, float *afSubDiag)
bool QLAlgorithm3 (double *m_aafEntry, double *afDiag, double *afSubDiag)
template<typename T , typename S >
void Tridiagonal3 (S *mat, T *diag, T *subd)


const double g_fEpsilon = 1e-15

Function Documentation

template<class T >
bool collada_urdf::mathextra::_QLAlgorithm3 ( T *  m_aafEntry,
T *  afDiag,
T *  afSubDiag 

Definition at line 320 of file collada_urdf.cpp.

int collada_urdf::mathextra::CubicRoots ( double  c0,
double  c1,
double  c2,
double *  r0,
double *  r1,
double *  r2 

Definition at line 205 of file collada_urdf.cpp.

void collada_urdf::mathextra::EigenSymmetric3 ( const double *  fmat,
double *  afEigenvalue,
double *  fevecs 

Definition at line 411 of file collada_urdf.cpp.

bool collada_urdf::mathextra::QLAlgorithm3 ( float *  m_aafEntry,
float *  afDiag,
float *  afSubDiag 

Definition at line 401 of file collada_urdf.cpp.

bool collada_urdf::mathextra::QLAlgorithm3 ( double *  m_aafEntry,
double *  afDiag,
double *  afSubDiag 

Definition at line 406 of file collada_urdf.cpp.

template<typename T , typename S >
void collada_urdf::mathextra::Tridiagonal3 ( S *  mat,
T *  diag,
T *  subd 

Definition at line 168 of file collada_urdf.cpp.

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 156 of file collada_urdf.cpp.

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