Todo List

Member PacketConfigure
Review specified behavior when a camera is reconfigured

Ask WG if they have a port number preference. This one is just a placeholder.

Member WGE100CameraDriver::config_update (const Config &new_cfg, uint32_t level=0)
add more checks here for video mode and image offset.

Member WGE100CameraDriver::doStop ()
race condition here. Need to think more.

Member WGE100CameraDriver::frameHandler (wge100FrameInfo *frame_info)
Could a deadlock happen here if the thread is

Member wge100DiscoverSend (const char *ifName, const char *ipAddress)
We guess an IP by flipping the host bits of the local IP. Horrible, but won't usually be a problem even if we hit an IP that is already in use.

Member wge100SocketConnect (int s, const IPAddress *ip)
Not sure why this hack is needed. I'm pretty sure it used to

Member writeCalibrationIni (std::ostream &out, const std::string &camera_name, const sensor_msgs::CameraInfo &cam_info)
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