Groud Truth Position Pose and Rates Interface

GazeboRosP3D controller. More...


class  gazebo::GazeboRosP3D
 GazeboRosP3D controller. More...

Detailed Description

GazeboRosP3D controller.

This controller requires to a model as its parent. The plugin broadcasts a body's pose and rates through ROS nav_msgs::Odometry message. In the example below, the plubin broadcasts pose and rate of a body named body_name over ROS topic name body_pose_groud_truth.

Example Usage:

     <model:physical name="some_fancy_model">
       <controller:gazebo_ros_p3d name="p3d_controller" plugin="libgazebo_ros_p3d.so">
         <xyzOffsets>25.65 25.65 0</xyzOffsets> <!-- option to initialize odometry for fake localization-->
         <rpyOffsets>0 0 0</rpyOffsets>
         <interface:position name="p3d_position_iface"/>
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