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Dashel::DashelExceptionThe one size fits all exception for streams
Dashel::DisconnectableStreamIn addition its parent, this stream can also make select return because of the target has disconnected
Dashel::ExpandableBufferA simple buffer that can expand when data is added (like std::vector), but that can also return a pointer to the underlying data (like std::valarray)
Dashel::FileDescriptorStreamFile descriptor, uses send/recv for read/write
Dashel::FileStreamStream for file
Dashel::IPV4AddressA IP version 4 address
Dashel::MemoryPacketStreamThe system-neutral part of packet stream that implement the actual memory buffers
Dashel::PacketStreamA data stream, that can be later send data as at UDP packet or read data from an UDP packet
Dashel::ParameterSetParameter set
Dashel::SelectableStreamStream with a file descriptor that is selectable
Dashel::SerialPortEnumeratorSerial port enumerator class
Dashel::SerialStreamStream for serial port, in addition to FileDescriptorStream, save old state of serial port
Dashel::SocketServerStreamSocket server stream
Dashel::SocketStreamSocket, uses send/recv for read/write
Dashel::StdinStreamStandard input stream, simply a FileStream with a specific target
Dashel::StdoutStreamStandard output stream, simply a FileStream with a specific target
Dashel::StreamA data stream, with low-level (not-endian safe) read/write functions
Dashel::StreamTypeRegistryRegistry of constructors to a stream, to add new stream types dynamically
Dashel::UDPSocketStreamUDP Socket, uses sendto/recvfrom for read/write
Dashel::WaitableStreamStream with a handle that can be waited on
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