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#include <TimeStamp.h>

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Public Member Functions

std::string CurrentToString ()
void getTimeStamp (long &lSeconds, long &lNanoSeconds)
void operator+= (double TimeS)
 Increase the timestamp by TimeS seconds.
double operator- (const TimeStamp &EarlierTime) const
 Retrieves time difference in seconds.
void operator-= (double TimeS)
 Reduces the timestamp by TimeS seconds.
bool operator< (const TimeStamp &Time)
 Checks if this time is before time "Time".
bool operator> (const TimeStamp &Time)
 Checks if this time is after time "Time".
void SetNow ()
 Makes time measurement.
void setTimeStamp (const long &lSeconds, const long &lNanoSeconds)
 TimeStamp ()
std::string ToString ()
virtual ~TimeStamp ()

Protected Attributes

timespec m_TimeStamp
 Internal time stamp data.

Static Private Member Functions

::timespec DoubleToTimespec (double TimeS)
 Conversion double -> timespec.
static double TimespecToDouble (const ::timespec &LargeInt)
 Conversion timespec -> double.

Detailed Description

Measure system time. Use this class for measure system time accurately. Under Windows, it uses QueryPerformanceCounter(), which has a resolution of approx. one micro-second. The difference between two time stamps can be calculated.

Definition at line 67 of file TimeStamp.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TimeStamp::TimeStamp (  ) 


Definition at line 58 of file TimeStamp.cpp.

virtual TimeStamp::~TimeStamp (  )  [inline, virtual]


Definition at line 74 of file TimeStamp.h.

Member Function Documentation

std::string TimeStamp::CurrentToString (  ) 

return the current time as string, in long format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.ssssss Attention *** call SetNow() before calling this function

Definition at line 158 of file TimeStamp.cpp.

timespec TimeStamp::DoubleToTimespec ( double  TimeS  )  [static, private]

Conversion double -> timespec.

Definition at line 74 of file TimeStamp.cpp.

void TimeStamp::getTimeStamp ( long &  lSeconds,
long &  lNanoSeconds 

Gets seconds and nanoseconds of the timestamp.

Definition at line 146 of file TimeStamp.cpp.

void TimeStamp::operator+= ( double  TimeS  ) 

Increase the timestamp by TimeS seconds.

TimeS must be >0!.

Definition at line 106 of file TimeStamp.cpp.

double TimeStamp::operator- ( const TimeStamp EarlierTime  )  const

Retrieves time difference in seconds.

Definition at line 91 of file TimeStamp.cpp.

void TimeStamp::operator-= ( double  TimeS  ) 

Reduces the timestamp by TimeS seconds.

TimeS must be >0!.

Definition at line 118 of file TimeStamp.cpp.

bool TimeStamp::operator< ( const TimeStamp Time  ) 

Checks if this time is before time "Time".

Definition at line 138 of file TimeStamp.cpp.

bool TimeStamp::operator> ( const TimeStamp Time  ) 

Checks if this time is after time "Time".

Definition at line 130 of file TimeStamp.cpp.

void TimeStamp::SetNow (  ) 

Makes time measurement.

Definition at line 64 of file TimeStamp.cpp.

void TimeStamp::setTimeStamp ( const long &  lSeconds,
const long &  lNanoSeconds 

Sets timestamp from seconds and nanoseconds.

Definition at line 152 of file TimeStamp.cpp.

double TimeStamp::TimespecToDouble ( const ::timespec &  LargeInt  )  [static, private]

Conversion timespec -> double.

Definition at line 69 of file TimeStamp.cpp.

std::string TimeStamp::ToString (  ) 

Definition at line 178 of file TimeStamp.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

timespec TimeStamp::m_TimeStamp [protected]

Internal time stamp data.

Definition at line 119 of file TimeStamp.h.

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