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cyl_test.cpp [code]?
cylinder.cpp [code]Class representing cylinder shapes
cylinder.h [code]Class representing cylinder shapes
field_of_view.cpp [code]Computes field of view of camera sensors
gpc.c [code]
gpc.h [code]
keyframe_detector.cpp [code]Triggers key frames dependending on robot movement
label_defines.h [code]Defines some commonly used labels for primitive geometries
label_results.h [code]Defines some commonly used labels for primitive geometries
point_types.h [code]Definition of PCL point types
point_types.hpp [code]Definition of PCL point types
polygon.cpp [code]Class representing polygon shapes
polygon.h [code]Class representing polygon shapes
reconfigureable_node.h [code]
ros_msg_conversions.h [code]Conversion functions between shape message and class representations
shape.cpp [code]Parent class representing geometric shapes
shape.h [code]Parent class representing geometric shapes
shape_cluster.cpp [code]Class representing ShapeCluster shapes
shape_cluster.h [code]Class representing ShapeCluster shapes
stop_watch.h [code]Precise Stopwatch
test_fov.cpp [code]Tests for field of view node, deprecated, to be deleted
transform_shape_array.cpp [code]Node transforming a shape array using tf
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