Math.hh File Reference

#include <limits.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <blort/Recognizer3D/PNamespace.hh>
#include <blort/Recognizer3D/Except.hh>
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <blort/Recognizer3D/Math.ic>
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namespace  P


template<class Num >
bool P::Between (Num x, Num l, Num u)
template<class Num >
bool P::BetweenEq (Num x, Num l, Num u)
double P::DiffAngle_0_2pi (double b, double a)
 Difference of two angles b - a. The result is scaled to [0..2pi[.
double P::DiffAngle_mpi_pi (double b, double a)
 Difference of two angles b - a. The result is scaled to [-pi..pi[.
bool P::IsEqual (double a, double b)
 Returns true if the values are equal (+/- epsilon).
bool P::IsZero (double d)
 Returns true if the value is near zero (+/- epsilon).
template<class Num >
Num P::Max (Num a, Num b)
template<class Num >
Num P::Min (Num a, Num b)
unsigned P::Other (unsigned i)
unsigned P::OtherEnd (unsigned end)
unsigned P::OtherSide (unsigned side)
double P::ScaleAngle_0_2pi (double a)
 Scale angle to [0..2pi[.
double P::ScaleAngle_0_pi (double a)
 Scale angle to [0..pi[.
double P::ScaleAngle_mpi_pi (double a)
 Scale angle to [-pi..pi[.
int P::ScaleIntAngle_0_8 (int a)
 Scale an integer angle to [0..8[.
template<class Num >
int P::Sign (Num x)
template<class Num >
Num P::Sqr (Num x)
 Square of given number.
template<class T >
void P::Swap (T &a, T &b)
double P::timespec_diff (struct timespec *x, struct timespec *y)
int P::timeval_subtract (struct timeval *result, struct timeval *x, struct timeval *y)


const unsigned P::CAM3D = 2
const unsigned P::END = 1
const unsigned P::INNER = 0
const unsigned P::LEFT = 0
const unsigned P::MID = 2
const unsigned P::ONE_THIRD = 3
const unsigned P::OPP = END
const unsigned P::OUTER = 1
const unsigned P::RIGHT = 1
const unsigned P::SAME = START
const unsigned P::START = 0
const unsigned P::STOP = 15
const unsigned P::TWO_THIRD = 4
const unsigned P::UNDEF_ID = UINT_MAX
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Author(s): Michael Zillich, Thomas Mörwald, Johann Prankl, Andreas Richtsfeld, Bence Magyar (ROS version)
autogenerated on Fri Mar 1 16:57:26 2013