wiimote::WIIMote::_WiiCallbackStack Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def pause
def pop
def push
def resume
def setcallback

Static Private Attributes

list _functionStack = []
 _paused = False
 _singletonInstance = None
 _wm = None

Detailed Description

Class organizes installation and removal/restoration
of callback functions for the Wii driver to use. 
Only one instance of this class is allowed. Additional
instantiations generate a CallbackStackMultInstError.

A stack discipline is imposed. Operations:

   - push(<callBackFunc>)        # New function becomes the active
                                 # callback immediately
   - pop() -> <oldCallBackFunc>  # If another function is still on
                                     # the stack, it immediately becomes
                                     # the active callback. If callback
                                   # is paused, resume() is forced.
   - pause()                  # Callbacks are temporarily turned off
   - paused() -> True/False
   - resume(sloppy=True)      # If sloppy=False, resuming when
                                   # callbacks are not paused throws an
                                   # exception.  If sloppy=True, the call is
                                   # a no-op

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Member Function Documentation

def wiimote::WIIMote::_WiiCallbackStack::__init__ (   self,
  sloppy = True 

Definition at line 864 of file WIIMote.py.

def wiimote::WIIMote::_WiiCallbackStack::pause (   self  ) 
WIIMote callbacks are temporarily stopped.

Definition at line 905 of file WIIMote.py.

def wiimote::WIIMote::_WiiCallbackStack::pop (   self  ) 
Wiimote callback function is popped off the stack. New top of stack 
becomes the new callback function. Old function is returned.

Definition at line 889 of file WIIMote.py.

def wiimote::WIIMote::_WiiCallbackStack::push (   self,
Given function becomes the new WIImote callback function, shadowing 
the function that is currently on the stack

Definition at line 877 of file WIIMote.py.

def wiimote::WIIMote::_WiiCallbackStack::resume (   self,
  sloppy = True 
Resume the (presumably) previously paused WIIMote callback functions.
If sloppy is True, this method won't complain if pause was not 
called earlier. If sloppy is False, an exception is raised in 
that case.

Definition at line 915 of file WIIMote.py.

def wiimote::WIIMote::_WiiCallbackStack::setcallback (   self,
Tell WIIMote which function to call when reporting status.

Definition at line 938 of file WIIMote.py.

Member Data Documentation

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wiimote::WIIMote::_WiiCallbackStack::_wm = None [static, private]

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