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topological_map_2d::DuplicateEdgeIdExceptionException for trying to add an EdgeId that already exists
topological_map_2d::DuplicateNodeIdExceptionException for trying to add a NodeId that already exists
topological_map_2d::GridFrameNameExceptionException when expected a frame id of form "grid42" and didn't get it
topological_map_2d::InvalidEdgeIdExceptionException for invalid edge id
topological_map_2d::InvalidNodeIdExceptionException for invalid node id
topological_map_2d::ParallelEdgeExceptionException when trying to add edge between two already connected nodes
topological_map_2d::UnknownEdgeIdExceptionException for unknown EdgeId
topological_map_2d::UnknownNodeIdExceptionException for unknown node id
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