tfjava::Frame Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Frame (String frameID, long maxStorageTime)
TransformStorage getData (long time, Frame sourceFrame)
String getFrameID ()
Set< FramegetParentFrames ()
TimeCache getTimeCache (Frame sourceFrame)
boolean insertData (TransformStorage newData)

Private Attributes

String frameID
long maxStorageTime
HashMap< Frame, TimeCacheparentMap

Detailed Description

Transformation frame, containing references to all parent frames and corresponding time caches.

Sjoerd van den Dries
Feb 28, 2011

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tfjava::Frame::Frame ( String  frameID,
long  maxStorageTime 
) [inline]

Class constructor.

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Member Function Documentation

TransformStorage tfjava::Frame::getData ( long  time,
Frame  sourceFrame 
) [inline]

Retrieves the direct transformation from sourceFrame to this frame, at time point time.

Parameter sourceFrame must be a direct parent of this frame. The transformation is looked up in the appropriate time cache, if available. If necessary, inter- or extrapolation is used to return a transformation of the given point in time.

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String tfjava::Frame::getFrameID (  )  [inline]

Returns the ID of this frame.

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Set<Frame> tfjava::Frame::getParentFrames (  )  [inline]

Returns a set containing references to all parent frames of this frame.

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TimeCache tfjava::Frame::getTimeCache ( Frame  sourceFrame  )  [inline]

Returns the time cache containing the transformations from sourceFrame to this frame.

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boolean tfjava::Frame::insertData ( TransformStorage  newData  )  [inline]

Inserts transform newData into the appropriate time cache (based on frame of newData).

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Member Data Documentation

String tfjava::Frame::frameID [private]

ID of this frame.

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Maximum storage time of time caches in nanoseconds.

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Map containing parent frames of this frame with corresponding time caches.

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