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class  MQTypelibMarshaller
class  MQTypelibMarshallerBase
struct  OpaqueTypelibMarshaller< TypelibType, OpaqueType, 0 >
struct  OpaqueTypelibMarshaller< TypelibType, OpaqueType, 1 >
struct  OpaqueTypelibMarshallerBase
struct  TypelibMarshaller
class  TypelibMarshallerBase


void * getOpaqueValue (std::string const &expected_type, Typelib::Value value)


static const int TYPELIB_MARSHALLER_ID = 42

Function Documentation

void * orogen_transports::getOpaqueValue ( std::string const &  expected_type,
Typelib::Value  value 

Given a typelib value, returns the corresponding opaque value

The caller is the owner of the memory. He is responsible to cast it to the right type, and delete it. The string is the type name of the opaque value.

Note that for values that are typelib-compatible, a copy of the input is returned so that the ownership constraint outlined above is met.

It relies on using the RTT type system to find the right TypelibMarshallerBase object.

Definition at line 59 of file TypelibMarshallerBase.cpp.

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 11 of file TypelibMarshallerBase.hpp.

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