pymongo::helpers Namespace Reference


def _auth_key
def _check_command_response
def _fields_list_to_dict
def _index_document
def _index_list
def _password_digest
def _unpack_response


 _md5func = hashlib.md5

Function Documentation

def pymongo::helpers::_auth_key (   nonce,
) [private]
Get an auth key to use for authentication.

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def pymongo::helpers::_check_command_response (   response,
  msg = "%s",
  allowable_errors = [] 
) [private]

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def pymongo::helpers::_fields_list_to_dict (   fields  )  [private]
Takes a list of field names and returns a matching dictionary.

["a", "b"] becomes {"a": 1, "b": 1}


["a.b.c", "d", "a.c"] becomes {"a.b.c": 1, "d": 1, "a.c": 1}

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def pymongo::helpers::_index_document (   index_list  )  [private]
Helper to generate an index specifying document.

Takes a list of (key, direction) pairs.

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def pymongo::helpers::_index_list (   key_or_list,
  direction = None 
) [private]
Helper to generate a list of (key, direction) pairs.

Takes such a list, or a single key, or a single key and direction.

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def pymongo::helpers::_password_digest (   username,
) [private]
Get a password digest to use for authentication.

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def pymongo::helpers::_unpack_response (   response,
  cursor_id = None,
  as_class = dict,
  tz_aware = False 
) [private]
Unpack a response from the database.

Check the response for errors and unpack, returning a dictionary
containing the response data.

  - `response`: byte string as returned from the database
  - `cursor_id` (optional): cursor_id we sent to get this response -
    used for raising an informative exception when we get cursor id not
    valid at server response
  - `as_class` (optional): class to use for resulting documents

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