gridfs::grid_file::GridIn Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __enter__
def __exit__
def __getattr__
def __init__
def __setattr__
def close
def closed
def write
def writelines

Static Public Attributes

tuple chunk_size
tuple content_type = _create_property("contentType", "Mime-type for this file.")
tuple filename = _create_property("filename", "Name of this file.")
tuple length
tuple md5
tuple upload_date

Private Member Functions

def __flush
def __flush_buffer
def __flush_data

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

tuple _id

Detailed Description

Class to write data to GridFS.

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Member Function Documentation

def gridfs::grid_file::GridIn::__enter__ (   self  ) 
Support for the context manager protocol.

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def gridfs::grid_file::GridIn::__exit__ (   self,
Support for the context manager protocol.

Close the file and allow exceptions to propogate.

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def gridfs::grid_file::GridIn::__flush (   self  )  [private]
Flush the file to the database.

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def gridfs::grid_file::GridIn::__flush_buffer (   self  )  [private]
Flush the buffer contents out to a chunk.

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def gridfs::grid_file::GridIn::__flush_data (   self,
) [private]
Flush `data` to a chunk.

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def gridfs::grid_file::GridIn::__getattr__ (   self,

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def gridfs::grid_file::GridIn::__init__ (   self,
Write a file to GridFS

Application developers should generally not need to
instantiate this class directly - instead see the methods
provided by :class:`~gridfs.GridFS`.

Raises :class:`TypeError` if `root_collection` is not an
instance of :class:`~pymongo.collection.Collection`.

Any of the file level options specified in the `GridFS Spec
<>`_ may be passed as
keyword arguments. Any additional keyword arguments will be
set as additional fields on the file document. Valid keyword
arguments include:

  - ``"_id"``: unique ID for this file (default:
    :class:`~bson.objectid.ObjectId`) - this ``"_id"`` must
    not have already been used for another file

  - ``"filename"``: human name for the file

  - ``"contentType"`` or ``"content_type"``: valid mime-type
    for the file

  - ``"chunkSize"`` or ``"chunk_size"``: size of each of the
    chunks, in bytes (default: 256 kb)

  - ``"encoding"``: encoding used for this file - any
    :class:`unicode` that is written to the file will be
    converted to a :class:`str` with this encoding

  - `root_collection`: root collection to write to
  - `**kwargs` (optional): file level options (see above)

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def gridfs::grid_file::GridIn::__setattr__ (   self,

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def gridfs::grid_file::GridIn::close (   self  ) 
Flush the file and close it.

A closed file cannot be written any more. Calling
:meth:`close` more than once is allowed.

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def gridfs::grid_file::GridIn::closed (   self  ) 
Is this file closed?

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def gridfs::grid_file::GridIn::write (   self,
Write data to the file. There is no return value.

`data` can be either a string of bytes or a file-like object
(implementing :meth:`read`). If the file has an
:attr:`encoding` attribute, `data` can also be a
:class:`unicode` instance, which will be encoded as
:attr:`encoding` before being written.

Due to buffering, the data may not actually be written to the
database until the :meth:`close` method is called. Raises
:class:`ValueError` if this file is already closed. Raises
:class:`TypeError` if `data` is not an instance of
:class:`str`, a file-like object, or an instance of
:class:`unicode` (only allowed if the file has an
:attr:`encoding` attribute).

  - `data`: string of bytes or file-like object to be written
    to the file

.. versionadded:: 1.9
   The ability to write :class:`unicode`, if the file has an
   :attr:`encoding` attribute.

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def gridfs::grid_file::GridIn::writelines (   self,
Write a sequence of strings to the file.

Does not add seperators.

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Member Data Documentation

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tuple gridfs::grid_file::GridIn::_id [static, private]
Initial value:
_create_property("_id", "The ``'_id'`` value for this file.",

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Initial value:
_create_property("chunkSize", "Chunk size for this file.",

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tuple gridfs::grid_file::GridIn::content_type = _create_property("contentType", "Mime-type for this file.") [static]

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tuple gridfs::grid_file::GridIn::filename = _create_property("filename", "Name of this file.") [static]

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Initial value:
_create_property("length", "Length (in bytes) of this file.",

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Initial value:
_create_property("md5", "MD5 of the contents of this file "
                            "(generated on the server).",

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Initial value:
                                    "Date that this file was uploaded.",

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