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def __eq__
def __init__
def __ne__
def __repr__
def as_datetime
def inc
def time

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MongoDB internal timestamps used in the opLog.

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Member Function Documentation

def bson::timestamp::Timestamp::__eq__ (   self,

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def bson::timestamp::Timestamp::__init__ (   self,
Create a new :class:`Timestamp`.

This class is only for use with the MongoDB opLog. If you need
to store a regular timestamp, please use a

Raises :class:`TypeError` if `time` is not an instance of
:class: `int` or :class:`~datetime.datetime`, or `inc` is not
an instance of :class:`int`. Raises :class:`ValueError` if
`time` or `inc` is not in [0, 2**32).

  - `time`: time in seconds since epoch UTC, or a naive UTC
    :class:`~datetime.datetime`, or an aware
  - `inc`: the incrementing counter

.. versionchanged:: 1.7
   `time` can now be a :class:`~datetime.datetime` instance.

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def bson::timestamp::Timestamp::__ne__ (   self,

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def bson::timestamp::Timestamp::__repr__ (   self  ) 

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def bson::timestamp::Timestamp::as_datetime (   self  ) 
Return a :class:`~datetime.datetime` instance corresponding
to the time portion of this :class:`Timestamp`.

.. versionchanged:: 1.8
   The returned datetime is now timezone aware.

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def bson::timestamp::Timestamp::inc (   self  ) 
Get the inc portion of this :class:`Timestamp`.

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def bson::timestamp::Timestamp::time (   self  ) 
Get the time portion of this :class:`Timestamp`.

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Member Data Documentation

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