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def __eq__
def __ne__
def __new__
def __repr__
def scope

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BSON's JavaScript code type.

Raises :class:`TypeError` if `code` is not an instance of
:class:`basestring` or `scope` is not ``None`` or an instance of

Scope variables can be set by passing a dictionary as the `scope`
argument or by using keyword arguments. If a variable is set as a
keyword argument it will override any setting for that variable in
the `scope` dictionary.

  - `code`: string containing JavaScript code to be evaluated
  - `scope` (optional): dictionary representing the scope in which
    `code` should be evaluated - a mapping from identifiers (as
    strings) to values
  - `**kwargs` (optional): scope variables can also be passed as
    keyword arguments

.. versionadded:: 1.9
   Ability to pass scope values using keyword arguments.

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Member Function Documentation

def bson::code::Code::__eq__ (   self,

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def bson::code::Code::__ne__ (   self,

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def bson::code::Code::__new__ (   cls,
  scope = None,

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def bson::code::Code::__repr__ (   self  ) 

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def bson::code::Code::scope (   self  ) 
Scope dictionary for this instance.

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Member Data Documentation

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