pyclearsilver::odb_sqlite Namespace Reference


class  Connection
 if sql[:6] != "select": warn(repr(sql)) More...
class  Cursor


def main
def test
def usage


tuple newcols = table.getAppColumnList()
tuple oldcols = self.listFieldsDict(tableName, cursor)
 if invalidAppCols or invalidDBCols: return
string sql = "create temporary table %s (%s)"
list statements = []
tuple tmpcolnames = string.join(tmpcols, ",")
list tmpcols = []

Function Documentation

def pyclearsilver::odb_sqlite::main (   argv,

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def pyclearsilver::odb_sqlite::test (  ) 

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def pyclearsilver::odb_sqlite::usage (   progname  ) 

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Variable Documentation

tuple pyclearsilver::odb_sqlite::newcols = table.getAppColumnList()

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tuple pyclearsilver::odb_sqlite::oldcols = self.listFieldsDict(tableName, cursor)

if invalidAppCols or invalidDBCols: return

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string pyclearsilver::odb_sqlite::sql = "create temporary table %s (%s)"

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