pyclearsilver::guid Namespace Reference


class  CircularSet


def decode64Char
def encode64Char
def extract_ip
def extract_random
def extract_time
def generate
def main
def pack64
def test
def unpack64
def usage


tuple c = encode64Char(i)
string hexip = ''
string InvalidGUID = "Invalid GUID"
string ip = ''
tuple ipaddr64 = pack64(ipaddr)
tuple ipaddrStr = socket.inet_aton(ip)
tuple j = decode64Char(c)
string lastguid = ''
tuple lock = threading.RLock()
 MAX_RANDOM = sys.maxint
tuple queue = CircularSet()
int QUEUE_SIZE = 100
tuple rand = random.Random()

Function Documentation

def pyclearsilver::guid::decode64Char (   c  ) 

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def pyclearsilver::guid::encode64Char (   i  ) 

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def pyclearsilver::guid::extract_ip (   guid  ) 
Extracts the ip portion out of the guid and returns it
   as a string like

Definition at line 217 of file

def pyclearsilver::guid::extract_random (   guid  ) 
Extracts the random bits from the guid (returns the bits in decimal)

Definition at line 232 of file

def pyclearsilver::guid::extract_time (   guid  ) 
Extracts the time portion out of the guid and returns the 
   number of seconds since the epoch as a float

Definition at line 208 of file

def pyclearsilver::guid::generate (   time_t = None  ) 
Generates a new guid

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def pyclearsilver::guid::main (   argv,

Definition at line 248 of file

def pyclearsilver::guid::pack64 (   i,
  bytes = 6 

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def pyclearsilver::guid::test (  ) 

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def pyclearsilver::guid::unpack64 (   s,
  bytes = 6 

Definition at line 117 of file

def pyclearsilver::guid::usage (   progname  ) 

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Variable Documentation

tuple pyclearsilver::guid::c = encode64Char(i)

Definition at line 130 of file

Definition at line 87 of file

string pyclearsilver::guid::InvalidGUID = "Invalid GUID"

Definition at line 206 of file

Definition at line 78 of file

tuple pyclearsilver::guid::ipaddr64 = pack64(ipaddr)

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tuple pyclearsilver::guid::ipaddrStr = socket.inet_aton(ip)

Definition at line 88 of file

tuple pyclearsilver::guid::j = decode64Char(c)

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tuple pyclearsilver::guid::lock = threading.RLock()

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tuple pyclearsilver::guid::rand = random.Random()

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