edu::tum::cs::ias::knowrob::utils::ros::RosUtilities Class Reference

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static void kill (String handle)
static String rospackFind (String pkg)
static String rosrun (String pkg, String binary, String[] arg) throws IOException

Static Package Attributes

static HashMap< String, Process > processMap = new HashMap<String, Process>()

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

static void edu::tum::cs::ias::knowrob::utils::ros::RosUtilities::kill ( String  handle  )  [inline, static]

Kill a process based on its UUID (which has been returned by the RosUtilities.rosrun() method

UUID of the process to be killed
binary name of the binary

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static String edu::tum::cs::ias::knowrob::utils::ros::RosUtilities::rospackFind ( String  pkg  )  [inline, static]

Finds a ROS package using rospack and returns its path.

name of the ROS package
path to the package - if it was found
null - otherwise

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static String edu::tum::cs::ias::knowrob::utils::ros::RosUtilities::rosrun ( String  pkg,
String  binary,
String[]  arg 
) throws IOException [inline, static]

Finds a ROS package using rospack and returns its path.

pkg name of the ROS package
binary name of the binary
args Arguments
Handle to this process

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Member Data Documentation

HashMap<String, Process> edu::tum::cs::ias::knowrob::utils::ros::RosUtilities::processMap = new HashMap<String, Process>() [static, package]

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