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def __del__
def __getattr__
def __init__
def brake
def clear
def clearAngle
def clearDistance
def demo
def forwardTurn
def leds
def left
def playSong
def reset
def right
def send
def start
def stop
def storeSong
def tank
def turn

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Private Member Functions

def __addAngle
def __addDistance
def __convert
def __highLow
def __read
def __sendAll
def __sendNow
def __twos

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Detailed Description

Wrapper class for the iRobot Create

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Member Function Documentation

def irobot::create::Create::__addAngle (   self,
) [private]

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def irobot::create::Create::__addDistance (   self,
) [private]

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def irobot::create::Create::__convert (   self,
) [private]

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def irobot::create::Create::__del__ (   self  ) 

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def irobot::create::Create::__getattr__ (   self,

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def irobot::create::Create::__highLow (   self,
) [private]

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def irobot::create::Create::__init__ (   self,
  tty = "/dev/ttyUSB0" 
constructor for the Create, takes in a single argument: the serial port

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def irobot::create::Create::__read (   self,
  block = False 
) [private]

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def irobot::create::Create::__sendAll (   self  )  [private]

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def irobot::create::Create::__sendNow (   self,
) [private]

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def irobot::create::Create::__twos (   self,
  bits = 16 
) [private]

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def irobot::create::Create::brake (   self  ) 
Stops the iCreate, takes no parameters

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def irobot::create::Create::clear (   self  ) 

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def irobot::create::Create::clearAngle (   self  ) 

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def irobot::create::Create::clearDistance (   self  ) 

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def irobot::create::Create::demo (   self,
Takes a single parameter, the number of the demo to begin. "Running" demo -1 will stop the demo. After using this function the iCreate must be reset.

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def irobot::create::Create::forwardTurn (   self,
Takes two parameters: speed and radius. Drives the iCreate at speed with enough of an angle that the iCreate will carve a circle with the given radius. Speed is in mm/s and can vary between -500 and 500. The radius can vary between -2000 and 2000 mm (with negative mm turning left).

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def irobot::create::Create::leds (   self,
Controls the LEDs. Parameters are play: boolean (play on/off), advance: boolean (advance on/off), color: 0-255 (how much red in the power light), and intensity: 0-255 (how bright should the power light be.

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def irobot::create::Create::left (   self,
Takes in a parameter: speed and turns counter-clockwise in place at speed mm/s.

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def irobot::create::Create::playSong (   self,
Plays a song. Takes one parameter, the song number.

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def irobot::create::Create::reset (   self  ) 
Reset the iCreate.

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def irobot::create::Create::right (   self,
Takes in a parameter: speed and turns clockwise in place at speed mm/s.

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def irobot::create::Create::send (   self,

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def irobot::create::Create::start (   self  ) 
Start the iCreate after initialization or reset.

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def irobot::create::Create::stop (   self  ) 
Stop the iCreate. Must be called before deletion of the iCreate object.

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def irobot::create::Create::storeSong (   self,
Store a song. First parameter is the song number, the remaming arguments are taken to be of the form: note, duration, note, duration, etc. See page 12 of the iRobot Create Open Interface Manual for numerical note definitions. Duration is interpreted as duration*1/64th of a second.

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def irobot::create::Create::tank (   self,
Drive the iCreate like a tank (i.e. left throttle, right throttle). Takes two parameters: left and right throttle. Each can be between -500 and 500 representing mm/s.  If either are outside of this range, both throttles will be linearly scaled to fit inside the range

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def irobot::create::Create::turn (   self,

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