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#include <loop_closure.h>

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class  VisibilityChecker

Public Member Functions

 LoopClosure (double addition_dist_min, double loop_dist_min, double loop_dist_max, double slam_entropy_max_, double graph_update_frequency, actionlib::SimpleActionClient< move_base_msgs::MoveBaseAction > &move_base_client, costmap_2d::Costmap2DROS &costmap, boost::mutex &control_mutex)
void updateGraph (const tf::Pose &pose)
 ~LoopClosure ()

Private Member Functions

void addNode (const tf::Pose &pose)
template<class ActionType >
void bresenham2D (ActionType at, unsigned int abs_da, unsigned int abs_db, int error_b, int offset_a, int offset_b, unsigned int offset, unsigned int max_length)
 A 2D implementation of Bresenham's raytracing algorithm... applies an action at each step.
bool checkLoopClosure (const tf::Pose &pose, std::vector< GraphNode * > &candidates)
void dijkstra (int source)
double distance (const geometry_msgs::PoseStamped &p1, const geometry_msgs::PoseStamped &p2)
void entropyCallback (const std_msgs::Float64::ConstPtr &entropy)
template<class ActionType >
void raytraceLine (ActionType at, unsigned int x0, unsigned int y0, unsigned int x1, unsigned int y1, unsigned int size_x, unsigned int max_length=UINT_MAX)
 Raytrace a line and apply some action at each step.
int sign (int x)
void visualizeEdge (const tf::Pose &pose1, const tf::Pose &pose2, visualization_msgs::MarkerArray &markers)
void visualizeGraph ()
void visualizeNode (const tf::Pose &pose, visualization_msgs::MarkerArray &markers)

Private Attributes

double addition_dist_min_
boost::mutex & control_mutex_
costmap_2d::Costmap2DROS & costmap_
ros::Subscriber entropy_subscriber_
std::vector< std::vector< int > > graph_
double graph_update_frequency_
double loop_dist_max_
double loop_dist_min_
int marker_id_
ros::Publisher marker_publisher_
< move_base_msgs::MoveBaseAction > & 
ros::NodeHandle nh_
std::vector< GraphNode * > nodes_
navfn::NavfnROS * planner_
double slam_entropy_
double slam_entropy_max_
double slam_entropy_time_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 84 of file loop_closure.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LoopClosure::LoopClosure ( double  addition_dist_min,
double  loop_dist_min,
double  loop_dist_max,
double  slam_entropy_max_,
double  graph_update_frequency,
actionlib::SimpleActionClient< move_base_msgs::MoveBaseAction > &  move_base_client,
costmap_2d::Costmap2DROS &  costmap,
boost::mutex &  control_mutex 

Definition at line 52 of file loop_closure.cpp.

LoopClosure::~LoopClosure (  ) 

Definition at line 80 of file loop_closure.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void LoopClosure::addNode ( const tf::Pose &  pose  )  [private]

Definition at line 197 of file loop_closure.cpp.

template<class ActionType >
void explore::LoopClosure::bresenham2D ( ActionType  at,
unsigned int  abs_da,
unsigned int  abs_db,
int  error_b,
int  offset_a,
int  offset_b,
unsigned int  offset,
unsigned int  max_length 
) [inline, private]

A 2D implementation of Bresenham's raytracing algorithm... applies an action at each step.

Definition at line 170 of file loop_closure.h.

bool LoopClosure::checkLoopClosure ( const tf::Pose &  pose,
std::vector< GraphNode * > &  candidates 
) [private]

Definition at line 340 of file loop_closure.cpp.

void LoopClosure::dijkstra ( int  source  )  [private]

Definition at line 450 of file loop_closure.cpp.

double explore::LoopClosure::distance ( const geometry_msgs::PoseStamped &  p1,
const geometry_msgs::PoseStamped &  p2 
) [inline, private]

Definition at line 115 of file loop_closure.h.

void LoopClosure::entropyCallback ( const std_msgs::Float64::ConstPtr &  entropy  )  [private]

Definition at line 86 of file loop_closure.cpp.

template<class ActionType >
void explore::LoopClosure::raytraceLine ( ActionType  at,
unsigned int  x0,
unsigned int  y0,
unsigned int  x1,
unsigned int  y1,
unsigned int  size_x,
unsigned int  max_length = UINT_MAX 
) [inline, private]

Raytrace a line and apply some action at each step.

at The action to take... a functor
x0 The starting x coordinate
y0 The starting y coordinate
x1 The ending x coordinate
y1 The ending y coordinate
max_length The maximum desired length of the segment... allows you to not go all the way to the endpoint

Definition at line 137 of file loop_closure.h.

int explore::LoopClosure::sign ( int  x  )  [inline, private]

Definition at line 123 of file loop_closure.h.

void LoopClosure::updateGraph ( const tf::Pose &  pose  ) 

Definition at line 94 of file loop_closure.cpp.

void LoopClosure::visualizeEdge ( const tf::Pose &  pose1,
const tf::Pose &  pose2,
visualization_msgs::MarkerArray &  markers 
) [private]

Definition at line 518 of file loop_closure.cpp.

void LoopClosure::visualizeGraph (  )  [private]

Definition at line 546 of file loop_closure.cpp.

void LoopClosure::visualizeNode ( const tf::Pose &  pose,
visualization_msgs::MarkerArray &  markers 
) [private]

Definition at line 495 of file loop_closure.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 203 of file loop_closure.h.

boost::mutex& explore::LoopClosure::control_mutex_ [private]

Definition at line 227 of file loop_closure.h.

costmap_2d::Costmap2DROS& explore::LoopClosure::costmap_ [private]

Definition at line 225 of file loop_closure.h.

Definition at line 201 of file loop_closure.h.

ros::Subscriber explore::LoopClosure::entropy_subscriber_ [private]

Definition at line 222 of file loop_closure.h.

std::vector<std::vector<int> > explore::LoopClosure::graph_ [private]

Definition at line 220 of file loop_closure.h.

Definition at line 212 of file loop_closure.h.

Definition at line 207 of file loop_closure.h.

Definition at line 205 of file loop_closure.h.

Definition at line 224 of file loop_closure.h.

ros::Publisher explore::LoopClosure::marker_publisher_ [private]

Definition at line 223 of file loop_closure.h.

actionlib::SimpleActionClient<move_base_msgs::MoveBaseAction>& explore::LoopClosure::move_base_client_ [private]

Definition at line 215 of file loop_closure.h.

ros::NodeHandle explore::LoopClosure::nh_ [private]

Definition at line 216 of file loop_closure.h.

std::vector<GraphNode*> explore::LoopClosure::nodes_ [private]

Definition at line 218 of file loop_closure.h.

navfn::NavfnROS* explore::LoopClosure::planner_ [private]

Definition at line 228 of file loop_closure.h.

Definition at line 229 of file loop_closure.h.

Definition at line 209 of file loop_closure.h.

Definition at line 230 of file loop_closure.h.

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