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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
database_interface::DatabaseTestObjectThe C++ version of an object stored in a database
database_interface::DBClassThe base class for all C++ classes that can be stored in the database
database_interface::DBField< T >The base class for a usable DBField
database_interface::DBField< bool >Specialized version for the bool data type, converts to / from string as SQL expects it
database_interface::DBField< std::string >Specialized version for std::string data type, trivial conversion to/from string
database_interface::DBField< std::vector< char > >Specialized version for std::vector<char>, the ONLY datatype that provides binary conversion
database_interface::DBField< std::vector< std::string > >Specialized version for std::vector<std::string>
database_interface::DBFieldBaseThe base class for a field of a class stored in the database, corresponding to a column in a table
database_interface::DBFieldData< T >A DBFieldBase that also contains data and perform implicit conversion to and from string
database_interface::DBStreamable< T >
database_interface::DBStreamable< double >
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