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srdf Namespace Reference

Main namespace. More...


class  Model
 Representation of semantic information about the robot. More...
class  SRDFWriter


typedef std::shared_ptr< const ModelModelConstSharedPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< ModelModelSharedPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< SRDFWriterSRDFWriterPtr

Detailed Description

Main namespace.

Typedef Documentation

◆ ModelConstSharedPtr

typedef std::shared_ptr<const Model> srdf::ModelConstSharedPtr

Definition at line 341 of file model.h.

◆ ModelSharedPtr

typedef std::shared_ptr<Model> srdf::ModelSharedPtr

Definition at line 340 of file model.h.

◆ SRDFWriterPtr

typedef std::shared_ptr<SRDFWriter> srdf::SRDFWriterPtr

Definition at line 244 of file srdf_writer.h.

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