art_msgs/Observers Message

File: art_msgs/Observers.msg

# Observations from a set of observers
# TODO: move to a separate art_observers package
# $Id: Observers.msg 644 2010-09-28 03:19:07Z jack.oquin $

# list of observer ID values
int32 Nearest_forward    = 0 # current or closest lane
int32 Nearest_backward   = 1                  
int32 Adjacent_left  = 2 # adjacent lane to left
int32 Adjacent_right  = 3 # adjacent lane to right
int32 All_left  = 4 # all lanes to left
int32 All_right   = 5 # all lanes to right
int32 Change_lanes  = 6 # unused
int32 Merge_into_nearest = 7            # merge into nearest lane on diff seg
int32 Merge_across_all   = 8            # merge across all lanes on diff seg
int32 Intersection  = 9 # intersection precedence
int32 N_Observers        = 10

Header header
nav_msgs/Odometry odom                  # position when observations made
Observation[] obs                       # vector of observations

Expanded Definition

int32 Nearest_forward=0
int32 Nearest_backward=1
int32 Adjacent_left=2
int32 Adjacent_right=3
int32 All_left=4
int32 All_right=5
int32 Change_lanes=6
int32 Merge_into_nearest=7
int32 Merge_across_all=8
int32 Intersection=9
int32 N_Observers=10
Header header
    uint32 seq
    time stamp
    string frame_id
nav_msgs/Odometry odom
    Header header
        uint32 seq
        time stamp
        string frame_id
    string child_frame_id
    geometry_msgs/PoseWithCovariance pose
        geometry_msgs/Pose pose
            geometry_msgs/Point position
                float64 x
                float64 y
                float64 z
            geometry_msgs/Quaternion orientation
                float64 x
                float64 y
                float64 z
                float64 w
        float64[36] covariance
    geometry_msgs/TwistWithCovariance twist
        geometry_msgs/Twist twist
            geometry_msgs/Vector3 linear
                float64 x
                float64 y
                float64 z
            geometry_msgs/Vector3 angular
                float64 x
                float64 y
                float64 z
        float64[36] covariance
Observation[] obs
    int32 oid
    string name
    bool applicable
    bool clear
    float32 time
    float32 distance
    float32 velocity
    int32 nobjects