Typedef rclcpp::StaticWaitSet

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template<std::size_t NumberOfSubscriptions, std::size_t NumberOfGuardCondtions, std::size_t NumberOfTimers, std::size_t NumberOfClients, std::size_t NumberOfServices, std::size_t NumberOfWaitables>
using rclcpp::StaticWaitSet = rclcpp::WaitSetTemplate<rclcpp::wait_set_policies::SequentialSynchronization, rclcpp::wait_set_policies::StaticStorage<NumberOfSubscriptions, NumberOfGuardCondtions, NumberOfTimers, NumberOfClients, NumberOfServices, NumberOfWaitables>>

WaitSet configuration which does not allow changes after construction.

This wait set requires that you specify all entities at construction, and prevents you from calling the typical add and remove functions. It also requires that you specify how many of each item there will be as a template argument.

It will share ownership of the entities until destroyed, therefore it will prevent the destruction of entities so long as the wait set exists, even if the user lets their copy of the shared pointer to the entity go out of scope.

Since the wait set cannot be mutated, it does not need to be thread-safe.

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