Typedef rclcpp::ThreadSafeWaitSet

Typedef Documentation

using rclcpp::ThreadSafeWaitSet = rclcpp::WaitSetTemplate<rclcpp::wait_set_policies::ThreadSafeSynchronization, rclcpp::wait_set_policies::DynamicStorage>

Like WaitSet, this configuration is dynamic, but is also thread-safe.

This wait set allows you to add and remove items dynamically, and it will automatically remove items that are let out of scope each time wait() or prune_destroyed_entities() is called.

It will also ensure that adding and removing items explicitly from the wait set is done in a thread-safe way, protecting against concurrent add and deletes, as well as add and deletes during a wait(). This thread-safety comes at some overhead and the use of thread synchronization primitives.

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