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template<typename MessageT, typename AllocatorT = std::allocator<void>, typename SubscribedT = typename rclcpp::TypeAdapter<MessageT>::custom_type, typename ROSMessageT = typename rclcpp::TypeAdapter<MessageT>::ros_message_type, typename MessageMemoryStrategyT = rclcpp::message_memory_strategy::MessageMemoryStrategy<ROSMessageT, AllocatorT>>
class Subscription : public rclcpp::SubscriptionBase

Subscription implementation, templated on the type of message this subscription receives.

Public Types

using SubscribedType = SubscribedT
using ROSMessageType = ROSMessageT
using MessageMemoryStrategyType = MessageMemoryStrategyT
using SubscribedTypeAllocatorTraits = allocator::AllocRebind<SubscribedType, AllocatorT>
using SubscribedTypeAllocator = typename SubscribedTypeAllocatorTraits::allocator_type
using SubscribedTypeDeleter = allocator::Deleter<SubscribedTypeAllocator, SubscribedType>
using ROSMessageTypeAllocatorTraits = allocator::AllocRebind<ROSMessageType, AllocatorT>
using ROSMessageTypeAllocator = typename ROSMessageTypeAllocatorTraits::allocator_type
using ROSMessageTypeDeleter = allocator::Deleter<ROSMessageTypeAllocator, ROSMessageType>

Public Functions

inline Subscription(rclcpp::node_interfaces::NodeBaseInterface *node_base, const rosidl_message_type_support_t &type_support_handle, const std::string &topic_name, const rclcpp::QoS &qos, AnySubscriptionCallback<MessageT, AllocatorT> callback, const rclcpp::SubscriptionOptionsWithAllocator<AllocatorT> &options, typename MessageMemoryStrategyT::SharedPtr message_memory_strategy, SubscriptionTopicStatisticsSharedPtr subscription_topic_statistics = nullptr)

Default constructor.

The constructor for a subscription is almost never called directly. Instead, subscriptions should be instantiated through the function rclcpp::create_subscription().

  • node_base[in] NodeBaseInterface pointer that is used in part of the setup.

  • type_support_handle[in] rosidl type support struct, for the Message type of the topic.

  • topic_name[in] Name of the topic to subscribe to.

  • qos[in] QoS profile for Subcription.

  • callback[in] User defined callback to call when a message is received.

  • options[in] Options for the subscription.

  • message_memory_strategy – The memory strategy to be used for managing message memory.

  • subscription_topic_statistics[in] Optional pointer to a topic statistics subcription.


std::invalid_argument – if the QoS is uncompatible with intra-process (if one of the following conditions are true: qos_profile.history == RMW_QOS_POLICY_HISTORY_KEEP_ALL, qos_profile.depth == 0 or qos_profile.durability != RMW_QOS_POLICY_DURABILITY_VOLATILE).

inline void post_init_setup(rclcpp::node_interfaces::NodeBaseInterface *node_base, const rclcpp::QoS &qos, const rclcpp::SubscriptionOptionsWithAllocator<AllocatorT> &options)

Called after construction to continue setup that requires shared_from_this().

inline bool take(ROSMessageType &message_out, rclcpp::MessageInfo &message_info_out)

Take the next message from the inter-process subscription.

Data may be taken (written) into the message_out and message_info_out even if false is returned. Specifically in the case of dropping redundant intra-process data, where data is received via both intra-process and inter-process (due to the underlying middleware being unabled to avoid this duplicate delivery) and so inter-process data from those intra-process publishers is ignored, but it has to be taken to know if it came from an intra-process publisher or not, and therefore could be dropped.

  • message_out[out] The message into which take will copy the data.

  • message_info_out[out] The message info for the taken message.


any – rcl errors from rcl_take,


true if data was taken and is valid, otherwise false

template<typename TakeT>
inline std::enable_if_t<!rosidl_generator_traits::is_message<TakeT>::value && std::is_same_v<TakeT, SubscribedType>, bool> take(TakeT &message_out, rclcpp::MessageInfo &message_info_out)

Take the next message from the inter-process subscription.

This version takes a SubscribedType which is different from the ROSMessageType when a rclcpp::TypeAdapter is in used.

inline virtual std::shared_ptr<void> create_message() override

Borrow a new message.


Shared pointer to the fresh message.

inline virtual std::shared_ptr<rclcpp::SerializedMessage> create_serialized_message() override

Borrow a new serialized message.


Shared pointer to a rcl_message_serialized_t.

inline virtual void handle_message(std::shared_ptr<void> &message, const rclcpp::MessageInfo &message_info) override

Check if we need to handle the message, and execute the callback if we do.

  • message[in] Shared pointer to the message to handle.

  • message_info[in] Metadata associated with this message.

inline virtual void handle_serialized_message(const std::shared_ptr<rclcpp::SerializedMessage> &serialized_message, const rclcpp::MessageInfo &message_info) override
inline virtual void handle_loaned_message(void *loaned_message, const rclcpp::MessageInfo &message_info) override
inline virtual void return_message(std::shared_ptr<void> &message) override

Return the borrowed message.


message[inout] message to be returned

inline virtual void return_serialized_message(std::shared_ptr<rclcpp::SerializedMessage> &message) override

Return the borrowed serialized message.


message[inout] serialized message to be returned

inline bool use_take_shared_method() const
inline virtual rclcpp::dynamic_typesupport::DynamicMessageType::SharedPtr get_shared_dynamic_message_type() override
inline virtual rclcpp::dynamic_typesupport::DynamicMessage::SharedPtr get_shared_dynamic_message() override
inline virtual rclcpp::dynamic_typesupport::DynamicSerializationSupport::SharedPtr get_shared_dynamic_serialization_support() override
inline virtual rclcpp::dynamic_typesupport::DynamicMessage::SharedPtr create_dynamic_message() override

Borrow a new serialized message (this clones!)


Shared pointer to a rclcpp::dynamic_typesupport::DynamicMessage.

inline virtual void return_dynamic_message(rclcpp::dynamic_typesupport::DynamicMessage::SharedPtr &message) override
inline virtual void handle_dynamic_message(const rclcpp::dynamic_typesupport::DynamicMessage::SharedPtr &message, const rclcpp::MessageInfo &message_info) override


friend class rclcpp::node_interfaces::NodeTopicsInterface