ur_msgs/MasterboardDataMsg Message

File: ur_msgs/MasterboardDataMsg.msg

Raw Message Definition

# This data structure contains the MasterboardData structure
# used by the Universal Robots controller
# MasterboardData is part of the data structure being send on the 
# secondary client communications interface

# This data structure is send at 10 Hz on TCP port 30002

# Documentation can be found on the Universal Robots Support site, article
# number 16496.

uint32 digital_input_bits
uint32 digital_output_bits
int8 analog_input_range0
int8 analog_input_range1
float64 analog_input0
float64 analog_input1
int8 analog_output_domain0
int8 analog_output_domain1
float64 analog_output0
float64 analog_output1
float32 masterboard_temperature
float32 robot_voltage_48V
float32 robot_current
float32 master_io_current
uint8 master_safety_state
uint8 master_onoff_state

Compact Message Definition

uint32 digital_input_bits
uint32 digital_output_bits
int8 analog_input_range0
int8 analog_input_range1
float64 analog_input0
float64 analog_input1
int8 analog_output_domain0
int8 analog_output_domain1
float64 analog_output0
float64 analog_output1
float32 masterboard_temperature
float32 robot_voltage_48V
float32 robot_current
float32 master_io_current
uint8 master_safety_state
uint8 master_onoff_state