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octree_mesh_collision_traversal_node-inl.h File Reference
#include "fcl/narrowphase/detail/traversal/octree/collision/octree_mesh_collision_traversal_node.h"
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 Main namespace.


template<typename BV , typename NarrowPhaseSolver >
bool fcl::detail::initialize (OcTreeMeshCollisionTraversalNode< BV, NarrowPhaseSolver > &node, const OcTree< typename BV::S > &model1, const Transform3< typename BV::S > &tf1, const BVHModel< BV > &model2, const Transform3< typename BV::S > &tf2, const OcTreeSolver< NarrowPhaseSolver > *otsolver, const CollisionRequest< typename BV::S > &request, CollisionResult< typename BV::S > &result)
 Initialize traversal node for collision between one octree and one mesh, given current object transform. More...

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