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kDOP-inl.h File Reference
#include "fcl/math/bv/kDOP.h"
#include "fcl/common/unused.h"
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struct  fcl::GetDistancesImpl< S, N >
struct  fcl::GetDistancesImpl< S, 5 >
struct  fcl::GetDistancesImpl< S, 6 >
struct  fcl::GetDistancesImpl< S, 9 >


 Main namespace.


template<typename S , std::size_t N>
FCL_EXPORT void fcl::getDistances (const Vector3< S > &p, S *d)
 Compute the distances to planes with normals from KDOP vectors except those of AABB face planes. More...
template void fcl::getDistances< double, 5 > (const Vector3< double > &p, double *d)
template void fcl::getDistances< double, 6 > (const Vector3< double > &p, double *d)
template void fcl::getDistances< double, 9 > (const Vector3< double > &p, double *d)
template void fcl::minmax (double a, double b, double &minv, double &maxv)
template void fcl::minmax (double p, double &minv, double &maxv)
template<typename S >
FCL_EXPORT void fcl::minmax (S a, S b, S &minv, S &maxv)
 Find the smaller and larger one of two values. More...
template<typename S >
FCL_EXPORT void fcl::minmax (S p, S &minv, S &maxv)
 Merge the interval [minv, maxv] and value p/. More...
template<typename S , std::size_t N, typename Derived >
FCL_EXPORT KDOP< S, N > fcl::translate (const KDOP< S, N > &bv, const Eigen::MatrixBase< Derived > &t)
 translate the KDOP BV More...


template class FCL_EXPORT fcl::KDOP< double, 16 >
template class FCL_EXPORT fcl::KDOP< double, 18 >
template class FCL_EXPORT fcl::KDOP< double, 24 >

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