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#include "gtest/gtest.h"
#include "gtest/gtest-spi.h"
#include <ctype.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <wchar.h>
#include <wctype.h>
#include <algorithm>
#include <iomanip>
#include <limits>
#include <ostream>
#include <sstream>
#include <vector>
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include "src/gtest-internal-inl.h"
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class  testing::internal::PrettyUnitTestResultPrinter
class  testing::internal::ScopedPrematureExitFile
class  testing::internal::TestCaseNameIs
class  testing::internal::TestEventRepeater
class  testing::internal::XmlUnitTestResultPrinter




#define GTEST_IMPL_CMP_HELPER_(op_name, op)
#define GTEST_REPEATER_METHOD_(Name, Type)


enum  testing::internal::GTestColor { testing::internal::COLOR_DEFAULT, testing::internal::COLOR_RED, testing::internal::COLOR_GREEN, testing::internal::COLOR_YELLOW }


GTEST_API_ bool testing::internal::AlwaysTrue ()
GTEST_API_ std::string testing::internal::AppendUserMessage (const std::string &gtest_msg, const Message &user_msg)
template<int kSize>
std::vector< std::string > testing::ArrayAsVector (const char *const (&array)[kSize])
GTEST_API_ AssertionResult testing::AssertionFailure ()
GTEST_API_ AssertionResult testing::AssertionFailure (const Message &msg)
GTEST_API_ AssertionResult testing::AssertionSuccess ()
UInt32 testing::internal::ChopLowBits (UInt32 *bits, int n)
GTEST_API_ AssertionResult testing::internal::CmpHelperEQ (const char *expected_expression, const char *actual_expression, BiggestInt expected, BiggestInt actual)
GTEST_API_ AssertionResult testing::internal::CmpHelperSTRCASEEQ (const char *expected_expression, const char *actual_expression, const char *expected, const char *actual)
GTEST_API_ AssertionResult testing::internal::CmpHelperSTRCASENE (const char *s1_expression, const char *s2_expression, const char *s1, const char *s2)
GTEST_API_ AssertionResult testing::internal::CmpHelperSTREQ (const char *expected_expression, const char *actual_expression, const char *expected, const char *actual)
GTEST_API_ AssertionResult testing::internal::CmpHelperSTREQ (const char *expected_expression, const char *actual_expression, const wchar_t *expected, const wchar_t *actual)
GTEST_API_ AssertionResult testing::internal::CmpHelperSTRNE (const char *s1_expression, const char *s2_expression, const char *s1, const char *s2)
GTEST_API_ AssertionResult testing::internal::CmpHelperSTRNE (const char *s1_expression, const char *s2_expression, const wchar_t *s1, const wchar_t *s2)
GTEST_API_ std::string testing::internal::CodePointToUtf8 (UInt32 code_point)
void testing::internal::ColoredPrintf (GTestColor color, const char *fmt,...)
UInt32 testing::internal::CreateCodePointFromUtf16SurrogatePair (wchar_t first, wchar_t second)
GTEST_API_ AssertionResult testing::DoubleLE (const char *expr1, const char *expr2, double val1, double val2)
GTEST_API_ AssertionResult testing::internal::DoubleNearPredFormat (const char *expr1, const char *expr2, const char *abs_error_expr, double val1, double val2, double abs_error)
GTEST_API_ AssertionResult testing::internal::EqFailure (const char *expected_expression, const char *actual_expression, const std::string &expected_value, const std::string &actual_value, bool ignoring_case)
template<typename RawType >
AssertionResult testing::internal::FloatingPointLE (const char *expr1, const char *expr2, RawType val1, RawType val2)
GTEST_API_ AssertionResult testing::FloatLE (const char *expr1, const char *expr2, float val1, float val2)
static std::string testing::FormatCountableNoun (int count, const char *singular_form, const char *plural_form)
GTEST_API_ std::string testing::internal::FormatEpochTimeInMillisAsIso8601 (TimeInMillis ms)
static std::string testing::FormatTestCaseCount (int test_case_count)
static std::string testing::FormatTestCount (int test_count)
GTEST_API_ std::string testing::internal::FormatTimeInMillisAsSeconds (TimeInMillis ms)
static std::string testing::FormatWordList (const std::vector< std::string > &words)
const char * testing::internal::GetAnsiColorCode (GTestColor color)
GTEST_API_ std::string testing::internal::GetBoolAssertionFailureMessage (const AssertionResult &assertion_result, const char *expression_text, const char *actual_predicate_value, const char *expected_predicate_value)
GTEST_API_ FilePath testing::internal::GetCurrentExecutableName ()
GTEST_API_ std::string testing::internal::GetCurrentOsStackTraceExceptTop (UnitTest *unit_test, int skip_count)
static const char * testing::GetDefaultFilter ()
static std::vector< std::string > testing::GetReservedAttributesForElement (const std::string &xml_element)
GTEST_API_ TypeId testing::internal::GetTestTypeId ()
GTEST_API_ TimeInMillis testing::internal::GetTimeInMillis ()
 testing::GTEST_DEFINE_bool_ (also_run_disabled_tests, internal::BoolFromGTestEnv("also_run_disabled_tests", false), "Run disabled tests too, in addition to the tests normally being run.")
 testing::GTEST_DEFINE_bool_ (break_on_failure, internal::BoolFromGTestEnv("break_on_failure", false), "True iff a failed assertion should be a debugger break-point.")
 testing::GTEST_DEFINE_bool_ (catch_exceptions, internal::BoolFromGTestEnv("catch_exceptions", true), "True iff " GTEST_NAME_ " should catch exceptions and treat them as test failures.")
 testing::GTEST_DEFINE_bool_ (list_tests, false, "List all tests without running them.")
 testing::GTEST_DEFINE_bool_ (print_time, internal::BoolFromGTestEnv("print_time", true), "True iff " GTEST_NAME_ " should display elapsed time in text output.")
 testing::GTEST_DEFINE_bool_ (show_internal_stack_frames, false, "True iff " GTEST_NAME_ " should include internal stack frames when " "printing test failure stack traces.")
 testing::GTEST_DEFINE_bool_ (shuffle, internal::BoolFromGTestEnv("shuffle", false), "True iff " GTEST_NAME_ " should randomize tests' order on every run.")
 testing::GTEST_DEFINE_bool_ (throw_on_failure, internal::BoolFromGTestEnv("throw_on_failure", false), "When this flag is specified, a failed assertion will throw an exception " "if exceptions are enabled or exit the program with a non-zero code " "otherwise.")
 testing::GTEST_DEFINE_int32_ (random_seed, internal::Int32FromGTestEnv("random_seed", 0), "Random number seed to use when shuffling test orders. Must be in range " "[1, 99999], or 0 to use a seed based on the current time.")
 testing::GTEST_DEFINE_int32_ (repeat, internal::Int32FromGTestEnv("repeat", 1), "How many times to repeat each test. Specify a negative number " "for repeating forever. Useful for shaking out flaky tests.")
 testing::GTEST_DEFINE_int32_ (stack_trace_depth, internal::Int32FromGTestEnv("stack_trace_depth", kMaxStackTraceDepth), "The maximum number of stack frames to print when an " "assertion fails. The valid range is 0 through 100, inclusive.")
GTEST_API_ testing::internal::GTEST_DEFINE_STATIC_MUTEX_ (g_linked_ptr_mutex)
 testing::GTEST_DEFINE_string_ (color, internal::StringFromGTestEnv("color", "auto"), "Whether to use colors in the output. Valid values: yes, no, " "and auto. 'auto' means to use colors if the output is " "being sent to a terminal and the TERM environment variable " "is set to a terminal type that supports colors.")
 testing::GTEST_DEFINE_string_ (filter, internal::StringFromGTestEnv("filter", GetDefaultFilter()), "A colon-separated list of glob (not regex) patterns " "for filtering the tests to run, optionally followed by a " "'-' and a : separated list of negative patterns (tests to " "exclude). A test is run if it matches one of the positive " "patterns and does not match any of the negative patterns.")
 testing::GTEST_DEFINE_string_ (output, internal::StringFromGTestEnv("output", ""), "A format (currently must be \"xml\"), optionally followed " "by a colon and an output file name or directory. A directory " "is indicated by a trailing pathname separator. " "Examples: \"xml:filename.xml\", \"xml::directoryname/\". " "If a directory is specified, output files will be created " "within that directory, with file-names based on the test " "executable's name and, if necessary, made unique by adding " "digits.")
 testing::GTEST_DEFINE_string_ (stream_result_to, internal::StringFromGTestEnv("stream_result_to", ""), "This flag specifies the host name and the port number on which to stream " "test results. Example: \"localhost:555\". The flag is effective only on " "Linux.")
static bool testing::internal::GTestIsInitialized ()
template<class T , typename Result >
Result testing::internal::HandleExceptionsInMethodIfSupported (T *object, Result(T::*method)(), const char *location)
template<class T , typename Result >
Result testing::internal::HandleSehExceptionsInMethodIfSupported (T *object, Result(T::*method)(), const char *location)
static bool testing::internal::HasGoogleTestFlagPrefix (const char *str)
AssertionResult testing::internal::HasOneFailure (const char *, const char *, const char *, const TestPartResultArray &results, TestPartResult::Type type, const string &substr)
GTEST_API_ void testing::InitGoogleTest (int *argc, char **argv)
GTEST_API_ void testing::InitGoogleTest (int *argc, wchar_t **argv)
template<typename CharType >
void testing::internal::InitGoogleTestImpl (int *argc, CharType **argv)
GTEST_API_ Int32 testing::internal::Int32FromEnvOrDie (const char *env_var, Int32 default_val)
GTEST_API_ AssertionResult testing::IsNotSubstring (const char *needle_expr, const char *haystack_expr, const ::std::string &needle, const ::std::string &haystack)
GTEST_API_ AssertionResult testing::IsNotSubstring (const char *needle_expr, const char *haystack_expr, const char *needle, const char *haystack)
GTEST_API_ AssertionResult testing::IsNotSubstring (const char *needle_expr, const char *haystack_expr, const wchar_t *needle, const wchar_t *haystack)
GTEST_API_ AssertionResult testing::IsSubstring (const char *needle_expr, const char *haystack_expr, const ::std::string &needle, const ::std::string &haystack)
GTEST_API_ AssertionResult testing::IsSubstring (const char *needle_expr, const char *haystack_expr, const char *needle, const char *haystack)
GTEST_API_ AssertionResult testing::IsSubstring (const char *needle_expr, const char *haystack_expr, const wchar_t *needle, const wchar_t *haystack)
GTEST_API_ bool testing::internal::IsTrue (bool condition)
bool testing::internal::IsUtf16SurrogatePair (wchar_t first, wchar_t second)
GTEST_API_ TestInfo * testing::internal::MakeAndRegisterTestInfo (const char *test_case_name, const char *name, const char *type_param, const char *value_param, TypeId fixture_class_id, SetUpTestCaseFunc set_up_tc, TearDownTestCaseFunc tear_down_tc, TestFactoryBase *factory)
bool testing::internal::ParseBoolFlag (const char *str, const char *flag, bool *value)
const char * testing::internal::ParseFlagValue (const char *str, const char *flag, bool def_optional)
GTEST_API_ void testing::internal::ParseGoogleTestFlagsOnly (int *argc, char **argv)
GTEST_API_ void testing::internal::ParseGoogleTestFlagsOnly (int *argc, wchar_t **argv)
template<typename CharType >
void testing::internal::ParseGoogleTestFlagsOnlyImpl (int *argc, CharType **argv)
GTEST_API_ bool testing::internal::ParseInt32Flag (const char *str, const char *flag, Int32 *value)
bool testing::internal::ParseStringFlag (const char *str, const char *flag, std::string *value)
static void testing::internal::PrintColorEncoded (const char *str)
void testing::internal::PrintFullTestCommentIfPresent (const TestInfo &test_info)
static void testing::internal::PrintOnOneLine (const char *str, int max_length)
static void testing::internal::PrintTestPartResult (const TestPartResult &test_part_result)
static std::string testing::internal::PrintTestPartResultToString (const TestPartResult &test_part_result)
void testing::internal::ReportFailureInUnknownLocation (TestPartResult::Type result_type, const std::string &message)
static void testing::internal::SetUpEnvironment (Environment *env)
static bool testing::internal::ShouldRunTestCase (const TestCase *test_case)
GTEST_API_ bool testing::internal::ShouldRunTestOnShard (int total_shards, int shard_index, int test_id)
GTEST_API_ bool testing::internal::ShouldShard (const char *total_shards_str, const char *shard_index_str, bool in_subprocess_for_death_test)
GTEST_API_ bool testing::internal::ShouldUseColor (bool stdout_is_tty)
GTEST_API_ bool testing::internal::SkipPrefix (const char *prefix, const char **pstr)
GTEST_API_ std::string testing::internal::StringStreamToString (::std::stringstream *stream)
static int testing::internal::SumOverTestCaseList (const std::vector< TestCase * > &case_list, int(TestCase::*method)() const)
static void testing::internal::TearDownEnvironment (Environment *env)
static bool testing::internal::TestCaseFailed (const TestCase *test_case)
static bool testing::internal::TestCasePassed (const TestCase *test_case)
static bool testing::TestPartFatallyFailed (const TestPartResult &result)
static bool testing::TestPartNonfatallyFailed (const TestPartResult &result)
static const char * testing::TestPartResultTypeToString (TestPartResult::Type type)
bool testing::ValidateTestPropertyName (const std::string &property_name, const std::vector< std::string > &reserved_names)
GTEST_API_ std::string testing::internal::WideStringToUtf8 (const wchar_t *str, int num_chars)
void testing::internal::WriteToShardStatusFileIfNeeded ()


std::string testing::internal::g_executable_path
static const char testing::internal::kColorEncodedHelpMessage []
static const char testing::kDeathTestCaseFilter [] = "*DeathTest:*DeathTest/*"
static const char testing::kDefaultOutputFile [] = "test_detail.xml"
static const char testing::kDisableTestFilter [] = "DISABLED_*:*/DISABLED_*"
const UInt32 testing::internal::kMaxCodePoint1 = (static_cast<UInt32>(1) << 7) - 1
const UInt32 testing::internal::kMaxCodePoint2 = (static_cast<UInt32>(1) << (5 + 6)) - 1
const UInt32 testing::internal::kMaxCodePoint3 = (static_cast<UInt32>(1) << (4 + 2*6)) - 1
const UInt32 testing::internal::kMaxCodePoint4 = (static_cast<UInt32>(1) << (3 + 3*6)) - 1
static const char *const testing::kReservedTestCaseAttributes []
static const char *const testing::kReservedTestSuiteAttributes []
static const char *const testing::kReservedTestSuitesAttributes []
static const char testing::kTestShardIndex [] = "GTEST_SHARD_INDEX"
static const char testing::kTestShardStatusFile [] = "GTEST_SHARD_STATUS_FILE"
static const char testing::kTestTotalShards [] = "GTEST_TOTAL_SHARDS"
static const char testing::internal::kTypeParamLabel [] = "TypeParam"
static const char testing::kUniversalFilter [] = "*"
static const char testing::internal::kValueParamLabel [] = "GetParam()"

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#define GTEST_IMPL_CMP_HELPER_ (   op_name,
AssertionResult CmpHelper##op_name(const char* expr1, const char* expr2, \
BiggestInt val1, BiggestInt val2) {\
if (val1 op val2) {\
return AssertionSuccess();\
} else {\
return AssertionFailure() \
<< "Expected: (" << expr1 << ") " #op " (" << expr2\
<< "), actual: " << FormatForComparisonFailureMessage(val1, val2)\
<< " vs " << FormatForComparisonFailureMessage(val2, val1);\

Definition at line 1135 of file



Definition at line 137 of file


#define GTEST_REPEATER_METHOD_ (   Name,
void TestEventRepeater::Name(const Type& parameter) { \
if (forwarding_enabled_) { \
for (size_t i = 0; i < listeners_.size(); i++) { \
listeners_[i]->Name(parameter); \
} \
} \

Definition at line 2960 of file


void TestEventRepeater::Name(const Type& parameter) { \
if (forwarding_enabled_) { \
for (int i = static_cast<int>(listeners_.size()) - 1; i >= 0; i--) { \
listeners_[i]->Name(parameter); \
} \
} \

Definition at line 2970 of file

Variable Documentation

◆ name_

std::string name_

Definition at line 2280 of file

GTEST_API_ AssertionResult AssertionFailure()
std::string FormatForComparisonFailureMessage(const T1 &value, const T2 &)
Definition: gtest.h:1431
GTEST_API_ AssertionResult AssertionSuccess()
long long BiggestInt
Definition: gtest-port.h:1652

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