ecl::NullaryMemberFunction< C, void > Member List

This is the complete list of members for ecl::NullaryMemberFunction< C, void >, including all inherited members.

argument_type typedefecl::UnaryFunction< C &, void >
member_functionecl::NullaryMemberFunction< C, void >private
NullaryMemberFunction(void(C::*function)())ecl::NullaryMemberFunction< C, void >inline
operator()(C &class_object)ecl::NullaryMemberFunction< C, void >inlinevirtual
result_type typedefecl::UnaryFunction< C &, void >
~NullaryMemberFunction()ecl::NullaryMemberFunction< C, void >inlinevirtual
~UnaryFunction()ecl::UnaryFunction< C &, void >inlinevirtual

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