ecl::Topic< Data > Member List

This is the complete list of members for ecl::Topic< Data >, including all inherited members.

addPublisher(SigSlot< Data > *sigslot)ecl::Topic< Data >inline
addSubscriber(SigSlot< Data > *sigslot)ecl::Topic< Data >inline
disconnect(SigSlot< Data > *sigslot)ecl::Topic< Data >inline
empty() constecl::Topic< Data >inline
operator<<(OutputStream &ostream, const Topic< TopicData > &topic)ecl::Topic< Data >friend
subscribers() constecl::Topic< Data >inline
Subscribers typedefecl::Topic< Data >
Topic(const std::string &name)ecl::Topic< Data >inline
topic_nameecl::Topic< Data >private
topic_publishersecl::Topic< Data >private
topic_subscribersecl::Topic< Data >private

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