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class  FloatMatrixFormatter
 Formatter for Eigen matrix type. More...
class  Map< Sophus::RxSO2< Scalar_ > const, Options >
class  Map< Sophus::RxSO2< Scalar_ >, Options >
class  Map< Sophus::RxSO3< Scalar_ > const, Options >
class  Map< Sophus::RxSO3< Scalar_ >, Options >
class  Map< Sophus::SE2< Scalar_ > const, Options >
class  Map< Sophus::SE2< Scalar_ >, Options >
class  Map< Sophus::SE3< Scalar_ > const, Options >
class  Map< Sophus::SE3< Scalar_ >, Options >
class  Map< Sophus::Sim2< Scalar_ > const, Options >
class  Map< Sophus::Sim2< Scalar_ >, Options >
class  Map< Sophus::Sim3< Scalar_ > const, Options >
class  Map< Sophus::Sim3< Scalar_ >, Options >
class  Map< Sophus::SO2< Scalar_ > const, Options >
class  Map< Sophus::SO2< Scalar_ >, Options >
class  Map< Sophus::SO3< Scalar_ > const, Options >
class  Map< Sophus::SO3< Scalar_ >, Options >
class  MatrixFormatter
 Parent for matrix formatters - used to negate unimplemented formatters. More...
class  MatrixFormatter< Derived, Scalar, typename ecl::enable_if< ecl::is_float< Scalar > >::type >


template<typename OutputStream , typename Derived_ >
OutputStream & operator<< (OutputStream &ostream, FloatMatrixFormatter< Derived_ > &formatter)

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◆ operator<<()

template<typename OutputStream , typename Derived_ >
OutputStream& Eigen::operator<< ( OutputStream &  ostream,
FloatMatrixFormatter< Derived_ > &  formatter 

Insertion operator for sending the formatter to an output stream.

ostream: the output stream.
formatter: the formatter to be inserted.
Template Parameters
OutputStream: the type of the output stream to be inserted into.
Derived: matrix type.
OutputStream : continue streaming with the updated output stream.
StandardException: throws if the formatter has un-specified _matrix [debug mode only]

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