benchmarks Directory Reference


file  containers.cpp [code]
 Benchmarks the performance of various container types.
file  eigen3_decompositions.cpp [code]
 Benchmark the decompositions in Eigen.
file  eigen3_inverse.cpp [code]
 Tests eigen3 inverses and decompositions.
file  eigen3_transforms.cpp [code]
 Benchmark various aspects of eigen's geometry module.
file  eigen_sparse.cpp [code]
 Benchmark sparse matrix operations for Eigen (ecl_linear_algebra).
file  exceptions.cpp [code]
 Benchmarks the performance of ecl exceptions.
file  files.cpp [code]
 Benchmark comparing various file writing/reading alternatives.
file  flops.cpp [code]
 Floating point benchmarking test.
file  snooze.cpp [code]
 Benchmark for the absolute periodic timers (snoozers).
file  streams.cpp [code]
 Benchmark streams to standard output.
file  string_conversions.cpp [code]
 Benchmarks the performance of various string conversions.

Author(s): Daniel Stonier
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