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occupancy_map_monitor Namespace Reference


class  OccMapTree
class  OccupancyMapMonitor
class  OccupancyMapUpdater
 Base class for classes which update the occupancy map. More...


typedef octomap::OcTreeNode OccMapNode
typedef std::shared_ptr< const OccMapTreeOccMapTreeConstPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< OccMapTreeOccMapTreePtr
typedef unsigned int ShapeHandle
typedef std::map< ShapeHandle, Eigen::Isometry3d, std::less< ShapeHandle >, Eigen::aligned_allocator< std::pair< const ShapeHandle, Eigen::Isometry3d > > > ShapeTransformCache
typedef boost::function< bool(const std::string &target_frame, const ros::Time &target_time, ShapeTransformCache &cache)> TransformCacheProvider


 MOVEIT_CLASS_FORWARD (OccupancyMapUpdater)

Typedef Documentation

◆ OccMapNode

Definition at line 48 of file occupancy_map.h.

◆ OccMapTreeConstPtr

typedef std::shared_ptr<const OccMapTree> occupancy_map_monitor::OccMapTreeConstPtr

Definition at line 118 of file occupancy_map.h.

◆ OccMapTreePtr

Definition at line 117 of file occupancy_map.h.

◆ ShapeHandle

typedef unsigned int occupancy_map_monitor::ShapeHandle

Definition at line 48 of file occupancy_map_updater.h.

◆ ShapeTransformCache

typedef std::map<ShapeHandle, Eigen::Isometry3d, std::less<ShapeHandle>, Eigen::aligned_allocator<std::pair<const ShapeHandle, Eigen::Isometry3d> > > occupancy_map_monitor::ShapeTransformCache

Definition at line 51 of file occupancy_map_updater.h.

◆ TransformCacheProvider

typedef boost::function<bool(const std::string& target_frame, const ros::Time& target_time, ShapeTransformCache& cache)> occupancy_map_monitor::TransformCacheProvider

Definition at line 53 of file occupancy_map_updater.h.

Function Documentation


occupancy_map_monitor::MOVEIT_CLASS_FORWARD ( OccupancyMapUpdater  )

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