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RTT::types::TypeInfoGenerator Class Referenceabstract

#include <TypeInfoGenerator.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual TypeInfogetTypeInfoObject () const =0
virtual const std::string & getTypeName () const =0
virtual bool installTypeInfoObject (TypeInfo *ti)=0
virtual ~TypeInfoGenerator ()

Detailed Description

All generator classes inherit from this object in order to allow them to be added to the TypeInfoRepository. This class is solely meant for installing TypeInfo objects, so a helper class to the type system which has no function once the type registration is done.

Definition at line 58 of file TypeInfoGenerator.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual RTT::types::TypeInfoGenerator::~TypeInfoGenerator ( )

Definition at line 61 of file TypeInfoGenerator.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual TypeInfo* RTT::types::TypeInfoGenerator::getTypeInfoObject ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual const std::string& RTT::types::TypeInfoGenerator::getTypeName ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual bool RTT::types::TypeInfoGenerator::installTypeInfoObject ( TypeInfo ti)
pure virtual

Installs the type info object in the global data source type info handler and adds any additional features to the type info object. This method will be called by the TypeInfoRepository, in order to register this type's factories into the TypeInfo object.

tiA valid TypeInfo object into which new features may be installed
true if this object may be deleted, false if not.
When true is returned, this instance is still valid and the caller (TypeInfoRepository) will delete it. When false is returned, the validity is undefined and the instance will not be used anymore by the caller.

Implemented in RTT::types::TemplateTypeInfo< T, use_ostream >, RTT::types::TemplateTypeInfo< T, has_ostream >, RTT::types::TemplateTypeInfo< std::string, has_ostream >, RTT::types::TemplateTypeInfo< bool, true >, RTT::types::TemplateTypeInfo< rt_string, has_ostream >, RTT::types::TemplateTypeInfo< std::vector< double >, has_ostream >, RTT::types::TemplateTypeInfo< T, true >, RTT::types::TemplateTypeInfo< std::vector< T >, has_ostream >, RTT::types::TemplateTypeInfo< T, false >, RTT::types::MatrixTypeInfo< T, has_ostream >, RTT::types::PrimitiveTypeInfo< T, use_ostream >, RTT::types::PrimitiveTypeInfo< bool, use_ostream >, RTT::types::PrimitiveTypeInfo< T, has_ostream >, RTT::types::PrimitiveTypeInfo< rt_string, use_ostream >, RTT::types::PrimitiveTypeInfo< std::vector< double >, use_ostream >, RTT::types::PrimitiveTypeInfo< std::string, use_ostream >, RTT::types::PrimitiveTypeInfo< std::vector< T >, use_ostream >, RTT::types::TypeInfoName< T >, RTT::types::BoostArrayTypeInfo< T, has_ostream >, RTT::types::EnumTypeInfo< T >, RTT::types::CArrayTypeInfo< T, has_ostream >, RTT::types::StructTypeInfo< T, has_ostream >, RTT::types::PrimitiveSequenceTypeInfo< T, has_ostream >, RTT::types::EmptyTypeInfo, RTT::types::SequenceTypeInfo< T, has_ostream >, RTT::types::SequenceTypeInfo< rt_string, true >, RTT::types::SequenceTypeInfo< std::string, true >, RTT::types::SequenceTypeInfo< std::vector< double >, true >, and RTT::types::SequenceTypeInfo< std::vector< T >, has_ostream >.

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