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ascii.h File Reference
#include <algorithm>
#include <string>
#include "absl/base/attributes.h"
#include "absl/strings/string_view.h"
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bool absl::ascii_isalnum (unsigned char c)
bool absl::ascii_isalpha (unsigned char c)
bool absl::ascii_isascii (unsigned char c)
bool absl::ascii_isblank (unsigned char c)
bool absl::ascii_iscntrl (unsigned char c)
bool absl::ascii_isdigit (unsigned char c)
bool absl::ascii_isgraph (unsigned char c)
bool absl::ascii_islower (unsigned char c)
bool absl::ascii_isprint (unsigned char c)
bool absl::ascii_ispunct (unsigned char c)
bool absl::ascii_isspace (unsigned char c)
bool absl::ascii_isupper (unsigned char c)
bool absl::ascii_isxdigit (unsigned char c)
char absl::ascii_tolower (unsigned char c)
char absl::ascii_toupper (unsigned char c)
void absl::AsciiStrToLower (std::string *s)
ABSL_MUST_USE_RESULT std::string absl::AsciiStrToLower (absl::string_view s)
void absl::AsciiStrToUpper (std::string *s)
ABSL_MUST_USE_RESULT std::string absl::AsciiStrToUpper (absl::string_view s)
void absl::RemoveExtraAsciiWhitespace (std::string *str)
ABSL_MUST_USE_RESULT absl::string_view absl::StripAsciiWhitespace (absl::string_view str)
void absl::StripAsciiWhitespace (std::string *str)
ABSL_MUST_USE_RESULT absl::string_view absl::StripLeadingAsciiWhitespace (absl::string_view str)
void absl::StripLeadingAsciiWhitespace (std::string *str)
ABSL_MUST_USE_RESULT absl::string_view absl::StripTrailingAsciiWhitespace (absl::string_view str)
void absl::StripTrailingAsciiWhitespace (std::string *str)

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