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voronoi_map::VoronoiPathGenerator Class Reference

#include <voronoi_path_generator.h>

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void computeDistanceField (const cv::Mat &_map, cv::Mat &_distField)
 computes the distance field of a map More...
void computeVoronoiMap (const cv::Mat &_distField, cv::Mat &_voronoiMap)
 computes the voronoi _map More...
void prepareMap (const cv::Mat &_map, cv::Mat &_smoothedMap, int _blurSize)
 prepares the map by smoothing it More...
 VoronoiPathGenerator ()

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

voronoi_map::VoronoiPathGenerator::VoronoiPathGenerator ( )

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Member Function Documentation

void voronoi_map::VoronoiPathGenerator::computeDistanceField ( const cv::Mat &  _map,
cv::Mat &  _distField 

computes the distance field of a map

_mapthe _map
_distFieldthe resulting distance fieldW

Definition at line 53 of file voronoi_path_generator.cpp.

void voronoi_map::VoronoiPathGenerator::computeVoronoiMap ( const cv::Mat &  _distField,
cv::Mat &  _voronoiMap 

computes the voronoi _map

_distFieldthe dist Field
_voronoiMapthe resulting voronoi map

Definition at line 58 of file voronoi_path_generator.cpp.

void voronoi_map::VoronoiPathGenerator::prepareMap ( const cv::Mat &  _map,
cv::Mat &  _smoothedMap,
int  _blurSize 

prepares the map by smoothing it

_mapthe map
_smoothedMapthe smoothed map
_blurSizethe intensity of the smoothing

Definition at line 20 of file voronoi_path_generator.cpp.

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