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multi_robot_router::SingleRobotRouter Class Reference

#include <single_robot_router.h>

Public Member Functions

SegmentExpander::CollisionResolverType getCollisionResolverType () const
 returns the CollisionResolverType More...
bool getLastResult ()
 returns the result of the last planning attempt More...
const std::vector< uint32_t > & getRobotCollisions () const
 returns the found robot collisions while planning More...
bool getRouteCandidate (const uint32_t _start, const uint32_t _goal, const RouteCoordinatorWrapper &path_coordinator, const uint32_t _robotDiameter, const float &_robotSpeed, std::vector< RouteVertex > &path, const uint32_t _maxIterations)
 calculates a route candidate coordinated with other robots by the given route Coordinated More...
void initSearchGraph (const std::vector< Segment > &_graph, const uint32_t minSegmentWidth_=0)
 generates the search graph out of the given graph (and optimizes it) More...
void setCollisionResolver (const SegmentExpander::CollisionResolverType cRes)
 sets the collisionResolver used More...
 SingleRobotRouter ()
 constructor More...
 SingleRobotRouter (const SingleRobotRouter &srr)
 copy constructor More...

Private Member Functions

void resetAttempt ()

Private Attributes

bool lastAttempt_ = false
std::vector< RouteVertexpath_
uint32_t robotDiameter_
std::vector< std::unique_ptr< Vertex > > searchGraph_
SegmentExpander segment_expander_
Traceback traceback_

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

multi_robot_router::SingleRobotRouter::SingleRobotRouter ( )


Definition at line 35 of file single_robot_router.cpp.

multi_robot_router::SingleRobotRouter::SingleRobotRouter ( const SingleRobotRouter srr)

copy constructor

Definition at line 39 of file single_robot_router.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

SegmentExpander::CollisionResolverType multi_robot_router::SingleRobotRouter::getCollisionResolverType ( ) const

returns the CollisionResolverType

Definition at line 48 of file single_robot_router.cpp.

bool multi_robot_router::SingleRobotRouter::getLastResult ( )

returns the result of the last planning attempt

Definition at line 98 of file single_robot_router.cpp.

const std::vector< uint32_t > & multi_robot_router::SingleRobotRouter::getRobotCollisions ( ) const

returns the found robot collisions while planning

the found robot collisions

Definition at line 118 of file single_robot_router.cpp.

bool multi_robot_router::SingleRobotRouter::getRouteCandidate ( const uint32_t  _start,
const uint32_t  _goal,
const RouteCoordinatorWrapper path_coordinator,
const uint32_t  _robotDiameter,
const float &  _robotSpeed,
std::vector< RouteVertex > &  path,
const uint32_t  _maxIterations 

calculates a route candidate coordinated with other robots by the given route Coordinated

_startthe start vertex
_goalthe goal vertex
path_coordinatorthe used route coordinater to coordinate with other robots
_robotDiameterthe diameter of the robot
_robotSpeedthe selected robot speed (multiplier)
paththe found route candidate
_maxIterationsthe maximum allowed iterations of the loop
returns true if a route candidate is found

Definition at line 53 of file single_robot_router.cpp.

void multi_robot_router::SingleRobotRouter::initSearchGraph ( const std::vector< Segment > &  _graph,
const uint32_t  minSegmentWidth_ = 0 

generates the search graph out of the given graph (and optimizes it)

_graphthe main graph
minSegmentWidth_used to optimize the graph (e.g. if no robot has less than d in size all segments with less space than d can be removed)

Definition at line 103 of file single_robot_router.cpp.

void multi_robot_router::SingleRobotRouter::resetAttempt ( )

Definition at line 85 of file single_robot_router.cpp.

void multi_robot_router::SingleRobotRouter::setCollisionResolver ( const SegmentExpander::CollisionResolverType  cRes)

sets the collisionResolver used

Definition at line 43 of file single_robot_router.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

bool multi_robot_router::SingleRobotRouter::lastAttempt_ = false

Definition at line 104 of file single_robot_router.h.

std::vector<RouteVertex> multi_robot_router::SingleRobotRouter::path_

Definition at line 105 of file single_robot_router.h.

uint32_t multi_robot_router::SingleRobotRouter::robotDiameter_

Definition at line 101 of file single_robot_router.h.

std::vector<std::unique_ptr<Vertex> > multi_robot_router::SingleRobotRouter::searchGraph_

Definition at line 103 of file single_robot_router.h.

SegmentExpander multi_robot_router::SingleRobotRouter::segment_expander_

Definition at line 99 of file single_robot_router.h.

Traceback multi_robot_router::SingleRobotRouter::traceback_

Definition at line 100 of file single_robot_router.h.

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