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 CImuImu Interface to the Microstrain 3DM-GX4-25 IMU
 Ccommand_errorCommand_error Generated when device replies with NACK
 CDiagnosticFieldsDiagnosticFields struct (See 3DM documentation for these fields)
 CFilterDataFilterData Estimator readings produced by the sensor
 CIMUDataIMUData IMU readings produced by the sensor
 CInfoInfo Structure generated by the getDeviceInfo command
 Cio_errorIo_error Generated when a low-level IO command fails
 Ctimeout_errorTimeout_error Generated when read or write times out, usually indicates device hang up
 CPacketDecoderTool for decoding packets by iterating through fields
 CPacketEncoderTool for encoding packets more easily by simply appending fields

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