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swri_serial_util::SerialConfig Struct Reference

#include <serial_port.h>

Public Types


Public Member Functions

 SerialConfig ()
 SerialConfig (int32_t baud, int32_t data_bits, int32_t stop_bits, Parity parity, bool flow_control, bool low_latency_mode, bool writable)

Public Attributes

int32_t baud
int32_t data_bits
bool flow_control
bool low_latency_mode
Parity parity
int32_t stop_bits
bool writable

Detailed Description

Structure defining serial port configuration parameters.

Definition at line 43 of file serial_port.h.

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Definition at line 45 of file serial_port.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

swri_serial_util::SerialConfig::SerialConfig ( )

Default constructor.

baud = 115200 parity = NO_PARITY flow control = false data bits = 8 stop bits = 1 low latency mode = false

Definition at line 45 of file serial_port.cpp.

swri_serial_util::SerialConfig::SerialConfig ( int32_t  baud,
int32_t  data_bits,
int32_t  stop_bits,
Parity  parity,
bool  flow_control,
bool  low_latency_mode,
bool  writable 

Definition at line 56 of file serial_port.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

int32_t swri_serial_util::SerialConfig::baud

Definition at line 73 of file serial_port.h.

int32_t swri_serial_util::SerialConfig::data_bits

Definition at line 74 of file serial_port.h.

bool swri_serial_util::SerialConfig::flow_control

Definition at line 77 of file serial_port.h.

bool swri_serial_util::SerialConfig::low_latency_mode

Definition at line 78 of file serial_port.h.

Parity swri_serial_util::SerialConfig::parity

Definition at line 76 of file serial_port.h.

int32_t swri_serial_util::SerialConfig::stop_bits

Definition at line 75 of file serial_port.h.

bool swri_serial_util::SerialConfig::writable

Definition at line 79 of file serial_port.h.

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